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How choose the material of the clothing?

Modern clothing is complex and diverse, and can be classified according to the following aspects: gender age characteristics, application in clothing sequences, nature of people’s activities, seasons, and fabric texture types. According to the nature of people’s activities, they can be divided into life clothing, sports clothing, work clothing, military clothing, and theater clothing. Each of the different clothing varieties has its own specific requirements for the selection of materials.

It is a garment that is close to the skin. It is generally made of materials that are hygroscopic and good fit, such as cotton and blended knitwear.

It is a dress that is worn outside the underwear. It can also be used as a coat. It should be comfortable to wear, flat and wrinkle-resistant, easy to wash and dry. It is advisable to use cotton or blended chemical fiber fabrics and chemical fiber fabrics, which have both good fastness and good taking performance.

After bathing, wear it directly on the body to absorb a lot of water on the surface of the human body. It is advisable to use a soft, elastic and moisture-absorbing terry woven fabric and knitted fabric. The raw materials are cotton and a blend fabric with hygroscopic properties.

It is all kinds of clothing worn outside. The outerwear often reflects the wearer’s demeanor, identity and work nature. There are many kinds of outerwear, such as dresses and daily clothes, which often vary with national customs.

It has obvious timeliness, and often a special form of clothing appears every few years, forming a fashionable trend. Fashion production and the production of fashion fabrics are highly time-sensitive, requiring design and producers to have full predictability. Fashion sometimes needs to be processed with new varieties of fabrics, which have high requirements for color and flower shape.

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