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How to choose clothing for clothing wholesale?

Everyone needs to dress. If they want to open a clothing store, they need to go to the wholesale clothing market for wholesale. When they need to choose clothing, they should pay attention to what to choose when they choose clothes. How can they choose good quality and low price? Selling better clothing?
Understand the terminology of clothing wholesale rules:

If you want to wholesale clothing, you must first understand some of the market in the wholesale clothing market or the tips, jargon, rules, etc. at the wholesale, the price of the wholesale market can also be bargained, and should pay attention to when talking with wholesalers. Problems, etc., civilized etiquette of conversation, etc., all need to learn and understand, this is the first step in doing clothing wholesale.
You can learn the experience of others choosing clothes in wholesale:

I want to go to the wholesale clothing factory wholesale, do not know how to choose clothes, may wish to find an old expert, often do this person, let this person take himself to experience how to choose clothes, how to talk with the wholesaler, how to take Goods, what is the procedure for getting the goods, I have to remember more, so that you can learn a lot of practical things, it is very helpful for your choice of clothes.
Shop around for a choice of inexpensive manufacturers:

Want to do clothing wholesale, choose good clothing, you need to do shopping, there are many manufacturers of clothing wholesale, you can go shopping in the wholesale market, consult to find out, which manufacturer’s clothing quality is better, the price is more reasonable, through Compare and select wholesale manufacturers that are more suitable for their own wishes.
Combine your own clothing store positioning:

Want to go to the clothing wholesale to choose clothing, first consider the positioning of their clothing store, what clothing is their clothing store, is the brand store, or ordinary store? Is it a men’s or women’s monopoly, or a children’s or elderly clothing store? Or what kind of clothing is there, more complete, these are all need to be considered clearly, the positioning of their own store should be clear, and then consider what kind of clothes need to be selected.
Pay attention to the seasonality and fashion of the clothes:

When choosing clothes for clothing wholesale, the two main points to consider are seasonality and fashion. Clothes are updated relatively quickly. Fashion is a major factor affecting the sales volume of clothes. When choosing clothes, choose a more fashionable one. Choose seasonal clothes in advance, stand in the first opportunity, choose seasonal clothes in advance is relatively cheaper, when everyone sells, there may be out of stock, or the price rises.
Pay attention to the amount and number of clothes selected:

When choosing clothes in clothing wholesale, there is also a very important factor, that is, before choosing clothes, statistics on the sales of their clothes, which clothes are relatively large, better, and which sizes of clothes are in high demand. All need to be statistically good, and I have a good idea. Then, when choosing clothes, choose clothes with good sales, and other clothes can be less.
Pay attention to the on-site inspection and ask if you can return the delivery package:

In the wholesale of clothing, you need to pay attention to the inspection on the spot, to see if the clothes are the same as your own requirements, whether the quality, color, etc. are the same as the requirements you see. Of course, it is mainly to see if it is enough, and to ask clearly. Whether it is possible to deliver goods, return goods, sign agreements, etc., to avoid unnecessary troubles or contradictions afterwards.
More summarizing experience and wholesalers to handle good partnerships:

Clothing wholesale selection of clothes is actually a test of their interpersonal skills, so it is necessary to sum up experience and see if there is any shortage of places and what is not done well. It is necessary to correct in time, especially to understand the psychology of wholesalers. And character, deal with the relationship with wholesalers, and strive to be sincere, treat people with morality, let wholesalers work hard to help themselves, and achieve win-win cooperation.

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