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What are the characteristics of cowhide, pigskin and sheepskin?

Around our lives, in fact, we are dealing with leather materials every day, leather coats, female bags, and even some small and delicate decorations… We have used them, but we have little understanding of them today. I have collected some information about the characteristics of various types of leather materials for your reference.
Cowhide: Take yellow cowhage as an example. The surface of the cowhide is fine, bright, with fine pores and rounded burrs.
Pig leather: the surface is rough, the pores are thick, and the three pores form a set of triangular patterns. When arranged, each group is far apart, and the inside of the shoe is used more.
Sheepskin: 1, goatskin. The surface is fine and the fibers are tight. There are a lot of fine pores arranged in a semicircle and tight in hand. It is mostly used for leather garments, wallets and some women’s bags.

2, sheep skin. The surface is loose, the pores are small, arranged in an oblate shape, evenly distributed, and soft to the touch; but the fastness is not as good as goatskin. When judging, the sheepskin is much softer than the pig’s cowhide. By hand, the wrinkles are thicker, horizontally like fish scales, and obliquely looking like tiles.

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