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Mid-Autumn Festival|BOSSsunwen: The moon is in the head, how many steps are you getting in the “consummation” in the centrifuge?

Mid-Autumn Festival, has always been called the full moon, full moon

Successful career, good life, happy family


The whole life of a person is the process of pursuing perfection

Step by step, slowly approaching the “consummation” that the mind thinks

You, the perfection in the centrifugation

Still a few steps?

From Western Europe to the Caribbean coast

Four sailings

8334 km

Columbus discovers the New World of Mankind

Used 16668000 steps
From the port of Seville, Spain

After 1082 days

60440000 km

Back to the place where the first departure

Magellan proved that the circle said

Used 120880000 steps
July 20, 1969

Left foot on the lunar surface


“A small step for me, a big step for mankind”

Armstrong creates a new journey for mankind

Used a historic 1 step
Every era, there are outstanding elite representatives

They are brave, fearless, discovering, and harvesting

Leave the shining mark that the world remembers
Every era, there is a miracle journey

At this moment, can we also follow our hearts?

Start again

Going out of the journey that belongs to your own life
What is the difference between your “consummation” in the centrifuge?

The road to chasing dreams is thousands of miles, our eyes are firm

Strive forward, we look forward to success

Every step is accumulating

Every step is new close

Walking freely, showing the gesture of the winner
Not everyone can discover the New World, and then innovate the route

*Life journey

We have to go out of our own,

Create your own perfect journey

You can see the moon in the cabin window.

Or accompanied by family reunion

Flower good moon night

BOSSsunwen warmhearted together, open a new journey

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