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100 million big investment: underwear brand, Gregson speeds up development at the time

In 2018, the social e-commerce platform, such as a lot of people and praises, successfully promoted the new darling of the capital market, which triggered the attention of the outside world to social e-commerce. With the rapid development of social e-commerce and mobile Internet technologies, the underwear industry has also opened a new retail model that is different from the traditional retail model.

According to public data, the current Chinese underwear market has exceeded 200 billion yuan. Underwear categories are becoming a new growth point in the apparel industry and are in a period of rapid growth. Behind the surge in demand in the underwear industry, most underwear brands follow a homogenous competition route, and few representative leaders can satisfy consumers’ demand for individualization, high quality and high cost performance. How to start a brand war and occupy market share is a question worth considering.

Among the many underwear brands, the new lifestyle brand, Gloria, which has no rims and underwear, stands out. The product line and business model have attracted much attention from the industry. From the end-user experience, Gloria insists on the reconstruction of “people, goods and fields” to create a multi-class lifestyle experience hall for underwear, home, sports, etc., opening a new retail model and walking in the front of the industry.

Gloria is committed to creating a beautiful lifestyle and new business

Under the branding, refined and personalized consumption trend, the underwear brand is no longer simply selling underwear products. The underwear store pays more attention to scene, experience and autonomy, and the product series is more inclined to develop in multiple categories. Rosenberg pays attention to the multi-level shopping experience of consumers to create a family-like lifestyle experience store to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

With the advantage of e-commerce platform and high-quality product output, Gloria has accumulated rich experience in social e-commerce retailing and cultivated many social e-commerce dealers with Internet marketing thinking. Unlike traditional retailers, Gloria’s dealers come with “fan traffic”, high customer stickiness, high repurchase rates and good community operations, enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience.

Thanks to the “fan stickiness” and high word-of-mouth products accumulated during the social e-commerce period, under the help of the new retail model, Gloria accelerated the brand upgrade strategy and explored a new social business development model based on the joint operation of partners. From “no steel ring underwear retail” to “new lifestyle based on steel-free underwear”, create a new retail elegant living hall, covering underwear, home clothes, sports, body, and even fragrance, care, etc. “One-stop shopping for families” experience aesthetics.
Gloria Million plans to help new retail

Online social e-commerce integration of the new retail model of the offline experience store, breaking the barriers of online and offline retail models, making up for the drawbacks of the traditional retail model, and taking advantage of social e-commerce, has gradually become a new development opportunity for the retail industry. Under the opportunity of new retail, the social e-commerce industry began to put more energy into the “operator” level, with the experience of social e-commerce, with the advantages of “fan traffic” and “personal IP” The power of socialization has more possibilities in the new retail model.

At the same time, Gloria launched the “Hundreds of Million Plan” to support the Gloria Partners to realize the store opening of the Gloria brand store, and will open 500 new flagship stores in the core business complex of key cities. In the first- and second-tier cities or key third-tier cities, 1,000 new Kellyson brand self-operated stores will be added. It is expected that in 2022, the brand-wide comprehensive upgrade target under the new retail model will be realized.
0 cost to obtain the management rights of the flagship store of the Gloria brand

The “Hundred Million Plan” of Gloria’s is the cost of the company’s investment of 100 million yuan to support the nationwide qualified dealers to open the new retail store in Gloria. The Gloria “Hundred Million Plan” has set up two sections of the Torch Program and the Spark Program, which support the brand contracting flagship stores and brands to join the self-operated stores.

In the Gloria Torch Program, the company has settled in the well-known commercial system in the country, and the initial brand flagship store start-up expenses are all invested by the company, including shop location, store decoration, cash register system, operation management, etc. Ruisen Company is fully responsible. In the Torch Program, dealers only need to participate in the selection of the torchbearer of the company, through the interview can become a torchbearer, 0 cost to obtain the management rights of the flagship store of the Kristin brand.
It is reported that the Carrefour* Torch Store is located on the 2nd floor of Zhengda Plaza directly opposite the Oriental Pearl Tower of Shanghai. At present, the flagship store of Shanghai Zhengda Plaza has completed the recruitment and selection of the torchbearer, and the store is also undergoing renovation. It is expected to officially open on September 30.

High operating subsidies and special new retail support

It is understood that in the Sparks plan of the Song Ruisen billion plan, dealers can not only enjoy up to 20% of the operating rebate subsidies, but also enjoy the nine special support provided by Gloria. In the aspects of brand image, operation management, logistics and warehousing, the company will provide professional and unified new retail store support and subsidy policies for dealers nationwide.

This includes not only 9 special support policies such as free store design, operation management guidance, and system support, but also the opening gift package worth 10,000 yuan. All of this is to fully guarantee that Rosenberg’s dealers can independently operate branded self-operated stores, guarantee the operation mode of new retail stores and the quality shopping experience of users.

Gloria offers up to 20% of operating rebate subsidies, and subsidies are rare in the industry, showing the brand’s strength and determination to help new retail.
China’s business development has reached the stage of new business model and new business brand baptism. Consumers are no longer just buying products, but seeking a beautiful consumer experience with their own IP. The founders of the Gloria brand are convinced that a new lifestyle store based on rimless underwear will deliver fresh blood to the business system. It is believed that the professional brand support and high capital investment will help more entrepreneurs to open a unique new retail underwear living hall to provide a better shopping experience for more consumers.

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