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The top grade is on the line today: Internet innovation reshapes the silver hair industry

On September 9, 2019, the UP-ever brand jointly launched by the Sino-US entrepreneurial team was officially released. On the same day, WeChat and Taobao Mall were officially launched. The top-level business model with the innovative products and retail experience as the core layout of the silver hair industry market.

The inherent concept is that the elderly will only save money and will not consume, which leads to the lack of innovation enthusiasm for the elderly market, which objectively creates an imbalance between supply and demand in the elderly consumer goods market. The National Committee on Ageing estimates in the report released at the beginning of the year: by 2020 This part of the market is 3.79 trillion, and the growth rate is amazing. Xu Chao, founder and CEO of Shangshang, said: “The top-level products will apply Internet innovation and new retail concepts to the elderly consumer goods market, giving better choices to the elderly, and also hope to attract social and industry attention to the consumer goods market. ”
The easy-to-wear and Jinweiwei knee pads that were launched during the same period were from the UP-ever US Innovation Center. Representing the product philosophy of Shangpinpin: serving the modern aesthetic, functional design and high-end quality of the elderly. “It is the key to our success to understand the life scene of the elderly, the super paranoia of the polishing of the product details, and the synergy of manufacturing ecology.” Xu Chao emphasized that “the top products will continue to launch innovative products based on the four major scenes of the elderly, for the elderly. The consumer goods industry has opened up a whole new era!

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