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CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival) | Romantic Couple’s Tanabata Romantic Wear

As the Tanabata approached, the air began to fill the sweet atmosphere of love. In this full of love, how to let the romantic romance show up?

To be romantic and cool, tired of the summer heat, then choose the autumn city with your beloved TA, bring the CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival), the romantic dress of the Tanabata, go to the fairy goddess Wear a look!
Couples in high realm wear, they are not the same as the two people, but from the color and details of the clothes, the moisturizing and exuding exudes a loving atmosphere.

CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival) 2019AW sweater lovers, boys with yellow sweaters with black trousers, yellow highlights the boys’ youthful sunshine, while black adds a steady atmosphere to the boys. Simple and smooth lines combine sports elements with fashion trends, making it easy to get the unique beauty of fashion sports~

The girls’ tops are in the same color with yellow and black lines, which is a low-key and romantic response to the boys’ mix. The embellishment of the black skirt is like a tough and sexy collision. The combination of temperament and gentleness is a finishing touch.
Rainy days with music, autumn should be equipped with deciduous yellow. CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival) 2019AW sweater lovers, is an essential artifact of autumn concave shape!
CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival) 2019AW retro street couple series is a good choice for Z generation to show personality and fashion attitude.

The same color, retro street coats of different depths, let the retro elements and trend sports once again perfectly combine to bring you a younger and more vibrant visual effect for your beloved TA. Boys wear white sweaters and girls wear black sweater dresses to create a classic “black and white”. The two seem to be ignorant, but in reality they echo with the details, creating a sense of romance in the unique blend of ingenuity~
No matter how the time flows, no matter how the Galaxy changes, the love with a sense of ritual will not fade. Tanabata is coming soon, and quickly collect the CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival) to bring you a romantic dressing strategy, together with a romantic love memories, let your love from the first sight, sublimation to a long time nostalgia~

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