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Black technology: 1mm thicker than 5mm down jacket for warmth! Clothing thickness dropped by 80%!

Every time new technology emerges, it is a new opportunity and challenge. The innovation of technology is a magic weapon for the long-lasting innovation of the textile and garment industry chain. In the case of the textile and apparel industry alone, the design and development of fabrics must keep up with the trend.

The 2019 ISPO Awards will be held in the mountains of Annecy, France. 203 products from 118 brands from 20 countries around the world participated in the selection, including 51 products including The North Face, Adidas, Pathfinder and Mugao. Award winning. Among them, “Ultra Warm”* was unveiled on the international stage, which was awarded the “ISPO Award” by the German ISPO Awards.

ISPO review highly commented: both cold and moisture. With this material, you don’t need a down jacket just a thin jacket, you can resist the cold, warm and comfortable winter.

1 excellent double warm special structure efficient insulation, reduce the conduction exchange between body surface hot air and the outside cold air, so that the body is in a relatively constant state.

2 lower moisture resistance, perspiration, water vapor can be quickly penetrated, keeping the surface dry and comfortable, the moisture permeability is about 2 times that of down; after drenching, it can be quickly dried, and the application is more advantageous.

Ubisoft makes the concept of light and warm to become a reality fabric no longer need anti-velvet, warm clothing is no longer divided into lines, style design is no longer limited

Open the new blue sea of ​​fashion

Winter clothing fashion is more defined, and the market scale is growing: in the winter shopping malls in the north, the down jackets with extremely similar crafts and fabrics can be seen everywhere. In the long run, the consumers are tired of aesthetic fatigue and the willingness to purchase is reduced. The development of “Ultra Warm” is successful in winter. The types and styles of cold-proof clothing are diversified, creating more consumption opportunities.


Broaden the winter brand of clothing brand

Down jacket fabrics need anti-velvet, and many fabrics with texture, structure and pattern are blocked outside the door of winter clothing application; the technical requirements of down jackets such as the line and the line make the winter products difficult to innovate in design; The use of clothing brands to get rid of the limitations of winter products, there are more choices in terms of categories, styles, fabrics and crafts, creating more fashion design possibilities.


Fabric companies welcome the spring of innovation

Yubiao has changed the limitations of winter fabrics; the designer’s urgent need for variety of fabrics and styles has become the driving force for the development and innovation of winter fabrics. Fabric companies have shifted from price to development to create greater economic value through research and development. .


Vicious competition in the apparel industry has been alleviated

In the past, down jackets occupied most of the winter warm clothing market, the styles are seriously similar, causing consumers to increase the sensitivity of prices, forced to choose price wars, so that the competition between brands into a vicious circle, “excellent warm” The emergence of a benign competition model that will open up product differentiation.


From “Made in China” to “Created in China”

The new thermal insulation material “Excellent Warmth” changes the inherent mode of warm winter clothing, and brings new opportunities for the continuous innovation of clothing brands, garment enterprises and surface accessories enterprises, and join hands to let “China Creation” lead the new trend of world fashion.

New material: excellent double warmingTM

“Ultra Warm Material” consists of functional polymer and recycled polyester fiber substrate. According to the global patent database, the technology belongs to *

Warm revolution

Improve 5 technical levels and keep warm from thick to physical upgrade

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