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Lin Yun expresses his love for fluttering collagen, revealing that “Mermaid 2” is about to “explore”

On the evening of July 28th, the “Sparkling Youth, Benefiting Love” star concert and the “Charming Manifesto” new product launch conference was held in Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park Gymnasium. At the event site, the well-known actress Lin Yun and the Yangsong Group’s love fluttering brand “hand in hand” officially became the first image spokesperson for the brand’s collagen bird’s nest drink. She also signed the signing ceremony with Ms. Tao Xinya, the founder of the brand, to bring the atmosphere to a climax.
The youthful and beautiful face is the goal that everyone pursues. Since his debut, Lin Yun has been regarded as a “goddess” by countless fans with a pure shape and white skin. In private, Lin Yun is still a well-known beauty blogger. Every time she recommends products on the public platform, she will be highly sought after by netizens. The cute and grounded recommendation method makes everyone very useful. At the event, Lin Yun Dafang shared his secrets of skin care and beauty, and interacted with the audience.

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