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No steel ring underwear benchmark brand Vatican Cabo FINELYCUP Paris leads the fashion trend

Paris, France, known as the “world fashion vane”, not only brings together the world’s top design, but also the world’s fashion design and information release center. On July 3rd, a Chinese non-rim underwear brand for women’s freedom, FINELYCUP, held a sensational European fashion show in the world’s fashion capital of Paris, with the flowing Seine as the stage. Show the world the fashion charm of Chinese underwear brands.
The fashion of women’s clothing, in the narrow sense, is aesthetic, and broadly speaking, it is spirit. With the liberation of ideas, more and more women dare to express their true self. From life to body, from underwear to heart, we begin to think and understand what we want.

The design of FINELYCUP rimless underwear is to interpret the beauty of women in a beautiful and elegant way from the perspective of women. It is the first premise to express the physical and spiritual freedom of women. Perfectly blended with the shape of the rimless underwear.

The idea of ​​FINELYCUP# for freedom is undoubtedly the trend of thought that women all over the world are willing to accept. Not pleasing, not catering, not resisting, so that every woman can do herself in a comfortable way. Such a style has not only won the love of international big coffee, but also won many stars, bloggers, fashion. Daren’s favor.
FINELYCUP was very popular in Milan Fashion Week in Italy in February. In July, it was a great show in Paris, France. As a leader in the rimless underwear industry, FINELYCUP is undoubtedly a super fashion IP. With world-class quality, intimate price, innovative social new retail model, and all-round empowerment learning platform, in just 4 years, 400+ chains have been distributed all over the world, and 40,000+ dealers are playing free CALL for women. .
Chinese brands are on the rise, and the trend of thoughts for freedom is on the rise. FINELYCUP French Paris autumn and winter new product launches, let the world remember this attitude of Chinese underwear brand. Unlimited possibilities, the future can be expected, I believe that FINELYCUP will not only be without rim underwear, we also look forward to this free, stylish rimless underwear brand, the future can create more breakthrough innovation

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