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The design style of top designers can make the brand image rise several levels.

Display cabinet manufacturers can try to break through innovation, create a new and beautiful display cabinet style for the display cabinet design, just keep the original shape may not be able to survive for a long time, after all, innovation is very important now, the design is so eye-catching The bright display cabinet must inevitably devote all the inspirations of the designer, and the refined innovation starts from every small link. This breakthrough innovation can be based on the reference, but it must not be copied. No new display cabinet style will not bring any good feelings to customers, which will inevitably affect the construction of brand image.
Paying attention to practicality and continuously improving user experience, many brands will ignore the practical aspects of display cabinets. In fact, practicality is the basic requirement of display cabinets, and it is also an important requirement. Comfortable, more convenient is the service experience, the shopping process must be given to the customer, do not give the customer a bad impression, will be better to attract customers to buy.
For such an important display case, the on-site multi-level is important to prevent micro-duration. Once the size is wrong, it will cost a lot of money to rectify. Because this mistake was less, everyone was numb to this problem, which led to a problem with the size of a store that loves beauty. I thought it was right, how the quantity is correct, so the amount is not very serious, the result is wrong, need to be rectified, paid a price, but also left an unprofessional impression on the customer, the impact is very bad.
Good design can make the brand more step by step
Product inspection procedures are also very important. The factory counters, we have to ensure that * no problem, we must strictly check each link, each department must fill out the self-inspection form, at the same time, the first-hand should be personally concerned, concerned about the details of everything. Purchasing supervisors should focus on where the materials they purchase are used in order to find better sources of supply. The production supervisor should pay attention to the lessons learned from the display cabinet production, whether it is implemented, whether there are repeated mistakes.
Through the full understanding of the products of the cooperative customers and the comprehensive analysis of the consumer groups, Jiayi creates a commercial retail environment that highlights the product temperament, *converged space environment, visual impact and consumption guidance, and enhances the brand image for customers. Greatly increase the consumer’s store-in rate and consumption rate.
We have obsessive-compulsive disorder, severe fantasy, perfect 癖·····

We are even the designer of “Zheng Zheng Miao Hong”.

Designing with heart is our lifelong pursuit.

Maybe, you will say just give me a little bit of it, just fine.

Sorry, we have a “luxury” for ourselves.

Go all out,

We like beautiful things,

We like to challenge new unknowns,

Bring the brand to the distance with enthusiasm and foresight.

Maybe you will say that we are paranoid,

Yes, that is exactly what we did when we were working.

We love life, focus on quality, and be good at understanding

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