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Looking for women’s first-hand sources, it is enough to get on the snow lyre.

For clothing operators, the supply of goods is always a top priority. All the shopkeepers are trying their best to launch all the relationships and try to find a good and cheap source of first-hand goods, but everyone knows that they want to connect with the factory. How can the factory cooperate with you without a stable big order?
Many clothing manufacturers will also go to the wholesale market to select the source of goods. The clothing market is generally concentrated in Guangzhou Baiyun District, but a family to choose, compare prices, observe quality and style, which is also a very time-consuming cost. In Jinsheng Building, Jinbao Road, Shijing, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, there is a store called Xuelaier, which is specialized in the wholesale of brand first-hand goods. It has established good cooperation and good faith relationship with domestic first- and second-line women’s wear brands, and Sheller has its own entity. Shop, you can go to the physical store to go to the site to understand the quality of Sheller’s clothing.
Having said that, many clothing companies now directly select goods on the Internet, which can save a lot of costs. The clothing websites are often represented by Alibaba, Hangu 100, China Women’s Network, etc., which are some popular websites in the clothing market.


However, one of the drawbacks of clothing wholesale websites is that they can’t feel the real quality problems when they are wholesale. The quality is not good, and they need a lot of clothes to check the quality. In the process of continuous purchase test, they also need a lot of time and money. To examine the post-sales issues in the later period.
Shelley has sales on the Hangu 100 website, to meet online and offline purchase channels, domestic and international first- and second-line brand inventory, fashionable and avant-garde, each quarter will provide dozens of brand women’s clothing wholesale, and will be low discount Take the wholesale.
The main wholesale form of Hangu 100 is to take the share and meet the needs of different customers.

Wholesale brands bring together well-known brands in the first and second lines at home and abroad, including Levina, Hearst, Try Me, Mulan, Qiushui Yiren, brother, Yixiang Liying, Nazi, Answer, Ba Yilu, Lu Shuihua, buckle, Ou Shili , Iger, Zara, Jiangnan Cloth, H&M.
Shelley always insists on publishing in small proportions in the original proportion, ensuring that the proportion of goods in the hands of customers is consistent, ensuring the regional monopoly of the entire customer. Once the same brand is found in the same area, the customer can return unconditionally.


Needless to worry about the price issue, Sheller always gives each wholesaler a low price of 0.5% off with a reasonable price and excellent cost performance.


Looking for women’s first-hand sources, Snow Shell is enough.

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