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Rogerson advocates full fitness and initiates the Yoga Guinness Challenge

It is reported that June 21 is the annual International Yoga Day, which aims to increase the participation of people in yoga and improve the world’s awareness of the benefits of practicing yoga. Goreen, who has always been concerned about women’s health, chose to hold the “Yuyuu” Gloria Yoga Guinness World RecordTM Challenge and the new songs of the Gloria Sports Series on June 21st International Yoga Day.

It is understood that this time as the domestic “no steel ring underwear leader”, Gregson is the *Challenge Yoga Guinness World RecordTM Challenge Conference, which aims to focus on women’s yoga, advocating elegant sports, women’s beauty and strength. The perfect combination to show the elegance of women. At the same time, it is also encouraging more women to participate in yoga, advocating ordinary people can also challenge the Guinness World Record, break through the self and create miracles.
Olympic champion He Wenna will join the yoga challenge

Surprisingly, this time, the “Yuyuu” “Guisen Yoga Guinness World Record Challenge” held by Goryson will also invite the Olympic champion and trampoline Princess He Wenna to participate in the challenge. He Wenna, who used to be a gymnast, usually likes sports and fitness. She also likes to do yoga. She is also honored to participate in this Guinness World Record Challenge. She is also honored to spread the concept of women’s fitness.

At the same time, He Wenna is also the spokesperson of the Gloria Sports series. She will wear the sports underwear and sports products of the Carrefour sports series together with all the challengers, and will carry out self-discipline life and balance growth. The Keep Gracing brand concept will be carried through to the end! The related sports products of the Yoga Gloria World RecordTM Challenge are provided by GRACING SPORT.
It is reported that the challenge will also invite professional gold yoga coach Wu Ren as the official guidance yoga instructor. Wuren is a certified teacher of Iyengar Yoga and the founder of Wuren Yoga. He has more than ten years of yoga teaching experience.

Wu Ren teacher is also the designated yoga teacher of Rose Magazine, training courses for models. At the same time, it is also the designated co-organizer of Hunan Satellite TV “China has Yoga”. Wuren teacher has been focusing on yoga for more than ten years. She has been studying yoga since 2007. She is especially good at office yoga, physiotherapy, maternity yoga, female yoga, bone orthopedics, posture correction, slimming and so on.
New products of the Gloria Sports series will be shocked

It is understood that this “Yuyu α” Gloria Yoga Guinness World Record ChallengeTM is not only a Guinness World RecordTM Challenge, but also a launch of the new Gloria Sports series. As a branch of Gloria’s rimless underwear, GRACING SPORT is the first to launch the [Self-discipline] and [Balance] series of sports underwear, which has been well received by the market and the industry. This time, the new sports products will bring more high-quality products suitable for fitness women, so that sports and fitness can be elegant and comfortable.

Advocate for comprehensive fitness, let more people pay attention to women’s sports and fitness, as the domestic “no rim underwear leader”, Gloria, pay more attention to how sports underwear brings more inclusiveness and comfort to women, let exercise and fitness More comfortable, women’s fitness will become a part of everyday life for modern women.

This time, “Yuyuu” “Gui Ruisen Yoga Guinness World RecordTM Challenge”, and the Gloria Sports New Product Launch Conference was held, and the challengers who participated in the Guinness World RecordsTM were sent to the high-end of Rogerson. Customized sports collections, including the new high-end custom suede yoga mats and yoga bricks from the upcoming sports series. Let the spirit of yoga continue to spread, let more women understand the concept of elegant sports.

It is reported that this time, the “Yu Yu α” Song Ruisen Yoga Guinness World RecordTM Challenge, and the new songs of the Song Ruisen Sports Conference is the host of Anhui Satellite TV. She is the host of Anhui Satellite TV’s multi-brand ace program. She is very popular with the audience with her elegant and friendly style and professional hosting skills. At the same time, the subgroup is also an old friend of Rossen, and has hosted many large-scale events and annual meetings of the Gloria.

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