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Fashion and fresh coexistence This summer CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival) with you c travel

Jay Chou said that love comes too fast, just like a tornado; everyone says that fashion is changing too fast, like summer rain; has not slowed down from last year’s “popular purple”, 2019 summer color, has been “avocado Green” domineering c-bit reservation. If you want to be fashionable, you have to be green. This summer, CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival) travels with you c, becoming the whole “gai”*靓!

Watermelon and air conditioning are standard on hot summer days, and T-shirts must have a name in summer life. How do you put a simple T-shirt out of your eyes? CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival) combines fashion and fresh, with avocado green for the summer’s boring air to cool down, the embellishment of the clothing, also adds a lot to the overall, more personality and playful. With a white skirt, the overall look is more stylish. When white encounters avocado green, the natural fresh effect is even magnified
There is a fashion called the bottom of the shirt missing. CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Avenida Carnival) Avocado green long T-shirt, with looming white shorts, let you instantly fashion and leg length. The three-dimensional and generous tailoring makes the whole version more elegant and elegant, simple and attractive, and it is neither a flamboyant nor fashionable look, CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival) can help you wear a summer style in one second. Avocado green is charming and elegant, full of vitality and not frivolous. The fluent atmosphere, the generous CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Avenida Carnival) avocado green T-shirt, is a summer artifact that shows you a good figure.
When the summer meets avocado green, when you 邂逅 CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival), 2019 summer, is destined to be a colorful, energetic summer party Party~ Let us pick this vibrant color, with CARNAVAL DE VENISE (Venice Carnival) is alive together!

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