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Cross-border future – Levi’s 2020 spring and summer new product launch

[June 2019] China, Xiamen – Because there are boundaries, there is a leap in existence, jumping out of the design framework, expressing individuality and independent individuals, becoming an important appeal of the new generation*. Centennial Tannin*Levi’s® was held in Xiamen on June 2nd, inviting representatives of fashion trendsetters to witness Levi’s® crossover journey on fashion, technology and life.
Transcendence sense, decoding aesthetic scale

Levi’s® 2020 Spring and Summer Show, L-shaped stage and high-tech mirror column combination carefully create a boundless space of virtual and real, by rotating the LED mirror column, with the combination of stage lighting, light and shadow, by Levi’s® Greater China Director General Manager Amy Yang and the dancers present a full-fledged opening dance. The energetic music is filled with the scene, and the rhythm brings the visual sense of futuristic and impact, unlocking the 2020 Levi’s® cross-border tour.
Subsequently, Karen, Riley-Grant, vice president of marketing for Levi’s® Asia Pacific, deeply interpreted the brand culture and development vision, encouraged more young people to express themselves and break the trend boundaries with new generations of lifestyle.
In addition, Jonathan Cheung, Vice President of Levi’s® Apparel Design*, also announced that the brand will continue to focus on products in 2020, bringing more products and cross-border co-branded collections that are full of technology and fashion to all those who love Levi’s®.
This 2020 spring and summer new product launch is not only a big show that combines contemporary aesthetics with future technology, but also aims to share the exclusive experience of Levi’s® future concept with more people.

Cross-border classics, rejuvenate the future

With the futuristic melody, the 2020 Spring/Summer collection is officially staged, and the models are dressed in a new collection combining technology and fashion, sparkling the show, showing Levi’s® attitude. The conference aims to sing the brand to reinvent the classics while at the same time, to create a dynamic product future with an ingenuity.
Cross-border thinking, custom unbounded Denning

A hundred years of Daning*Levi’s® gives the denim unlimited imagination. In addition to the first to appreciate the new spring/summer 2020, this new product invites the audience to explore the unbounded beauty that transcends the boundaries between design and technology. The Levi’s® is customized on site. Experience the link, wear a self-style attitude, jump off the crowd, zero boundaries!
Levi’s® has always pursued the unremitting pursuit of original design. Spring and summer of 2020 not only highlights many creative silhouettes in the classic series, but also combines innovative technology and fashion, injecting new elements into the brand to encourage more young people in the new era. We are boundless and cross-border, stepping out of our new pattern and defining a future without boundaries.

About the Levi’s® brand

Levi’s® represents a classic American style and a culture of freedom. Since its founding in 1873 by Levi Strauss, Levi’s® jeans have become one of the world’s leading apparel brands, and generations have become loyal fans. Today, Levi’s® continues to expand its product line with unwavering pioneering spirit. Our denim apparel and accessories are available in 110 countries, allowing people around the world to wear Levi’s® to showcase their unique style.

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