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The new retail inspection tour of Gloria has once again traveled to the UK, attracting industry attention.

On May 5, 2019, as the “domestic rimless underwear leader”, Gloria will lead 200 Rodriguez business partners to the UK in Europe, opening a nine-day tour of the Kryssen UK. Compared to the last British tour in the February Spring Festival holiday, this time the inspection period is longer and the receipt is more.

The last high-end study tour of the Goryson’s outstanding business partners in the UK was successfully completed, and the founders of Morrison and the handsome partners, as well as more than 200 elegant partners of Gloria, received a lot of goods. * Unveiled the veil of elegant gentlemen in the UK and learned about the retail of clothing in the UK.

Open the UK high-end study tour again

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the culture of British gentlemen and the elegance of Gloria, the founder of Gloria, once again, led more than 200 outstanding business partners to go to the UK again. This time, the inspection cycle was extended, and the journey of nine days was completed. The goods were collected all the way, and a more elegant and high-end brand style investigation was drawn to a more complete end.
The founder of Goryson and the elegant business partner on the streets of London

It is reported that this time, the high-end British tour of the game is also highly anticipated. With the experience of the last inspection tour, as the founder of the brand, the handsome mother leads the elegant career team from the Kruisen, the outstanding elite business partnership. People have re-taken the high-end inspection route in the UK, but they have a new understanding.

The UK’s high-end expedition tour will be centered around London. As the capital of the United Kingdom, London is not only the political and cultural center of the United Kingdom, but also the fashion capital of the United Kingdom. Here, we are able to receive new trends from all over the world. In order to allow Korisen’s business partners to deepen their high-end study experience in the UK, the founder of the brand has selected a tour route for everyone.
Song Ruisen founder handsome mother

London is the center, not just in London, but also the top British universities such as Oxford University and Cambridge University; there are also British towns like the Cotswolds; in London, not only the Windsor Castle, the Big Ben, the British royal family, London landmarks such as the Clock and the British Museum; and a field trip to London’s fashion trends. A variety of study experiences have also allowed business partners to gain more in their trip to the UK.

A century-old elegant study tour on the road

It is understood that as the “domestic non-steel underwear leader” of the song, the British high-end study tour is not the time that Rodriguez* led the business partners to go out*. At the end of December 2018, he just ended the investigation of the new retail plan of the Kristin Japan. In a month or so, he led two hundred business partners of Gloria to conduct a British study tour, and soon again. Came to the UK for a more in-depth study tour. It is also rare in the industry, and makes the brand of Rogerson more highly anticipated.

Adhering to the idea of ​​going global to see the wider world, every time the high-end overseas study tour of Gloria, not only examines the future development plan of the brand, but also leads more business partners to learn and understand. A century-old elegant brand lays a more solid foundation.
This time, the high-end study tour of Gloria’s UK has enabled business partners to receive goods, and to promote the elegant career of Gloria to more places, to contribute to the goal of a century-old elegant brand.

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