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How to match French style? Learn to choose clothing like this, elegant and confident is very simple

The simple but elegant French style of the wind makes many crushes fascinated. Just to make a lot of crushes worry, obviously the same match, but they can not wear elegant high-class and romantic French style. The reason may not be your own collocation problem, but the clothing itself is too cheap.
Careful eyebrows should be found. Although the French dress is simple and comfortable, the clothing itself is very textured, so the whole style is elegant and extravagant. Today, let’s take a look at how French-style clothing should be chosen to be elegant and confident!
Commuter style clothing has always been very popular with French women. With only a little skill, you can wear elegant and casual French style. First of all, we are planting a shirt that is temperament and good to wear. We only need to untie the two buttons on the neckline, and inadvertently show the feminine style. And the bottom of the mix, the neat and slim nine pants, plus this plug-type wearing method, easy to get a model-like body proportion, a second fashion and temperament.
Commuter style small suits or trousers, the appearance rate in French wind wear is very high. The minimalist style of wearing is the favorite of Miss France. If you are wearing a small suit, you can wear it in a comfortable and comfortable jeans. If you wear a pair of high-heeled shoes, you can wear an elegant and confident goddess look. The correct opening method of the suit pants makes the matching simple and bright. The bow shirt, slim bottoming shirt and other tops that highlight the feminine and sexy side of the woman, the upper body is capable and style.

Second, the fabric texture is strong
The texture of the clothing also affects the fashion and temperament of the styling, and the French style that wants to wear an elegant atmosphere, the big-name clothing is our primary choice. Therefore, the fabric’s sense of stiffness, smoothness, smoothness, color, etc. is also an aspect we need to consider when choosing a garment. It is said that this set of look, khaki windbreaker, silky bottoming shirt, etc., help you wear elegance and extravagance without effort.
Speaking of it, the shiny clothing, although the upper body looks luxurious and elegant, but not easy to control. We can move the shiny texture of the garment down, not only to wear but not to pick people, but also to reduce the difficulty of wearing. When pairing, you can choose a basic color to balance the color, or choose a garment with the same texture and different textures to make a stylish and natural look.

Third, show the beautiful costumes
Speaking of French style, the key point of being able to wear an elegant yet feminine style is to show off our graceful figure. Careful crush should be found, French women’s favorite deep V, high waist, split dress design, good shape at a glance. However, the current temperature is more suitable for warm clothing, slim sweaters, fishtail skirts and other clothing, is a good choice.
The figure is not perfect, worry about the clothing that fits close to the body, enlarge the defects of your body, you can choose the high waist line. On the right side of this inclusive A-line skirt, the meat is thin, but also the curve of the waist and long legs, it is your gospel. The girdle on the left side is a concave shape tool. It can not only wear the visual sense of the legs but also the simple mix.

Fourth, French element clothing
For the match with Xiaobai, no skillful combination is more suitable for you. Then choose a single item with a French elemental style, and you can wear an elegant and stylish style by colliding with common clothing. In recent years, popular polka dots, plaids, square collars, lantern sleeves and other clothing, coupled with the high waist line of wearing, can create a trendy and temperament look.
Shoes are also the key to creating a French elegance, and today we are planting this elegant and feminine point-to-point shoes, whether worn with skirts or trousers. In color, the nude color looks gentle and temperament, which is very suitable for autumn and winter.

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