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What makes this American men’s basketball team the most delicious team in history?

First lost to France, and then lost to Serbia yesterday, the American men’s basketball team has once again refreshed the cognitive limits of the fans. Although the American men’s basketball team said that the star taste is worse, but there are Popovich and champion coach Cole, it should not have such a bleak record. But the facts are in front of us, the US men’s basketball team used two losing streaks, and the top six of the World Cup said goodbye…
After losing to France to miss the semi-finals, the US men’s basketball team lost to Serbia in the qualifying of 89-94 on September 12, missed the top six, creating the worst record in the history of the dream team. The US men’s basketball team suffered a losing streak for the first time since 2002, and was still slammed in the first quarter of the Serbian game by 32 to 7. This American men’s basketball team is constantly creating a record of shame. There is no doubt that this is the weakest dream team in history, and there are two main reasons for this.

The US men’s basketball team is out, they are blocked by France in the men’s basketball team’s semi-finals. Perhaps the US team missed the number of medals is surprising, but they did not win the championship but in the imagination of many people, after all, this team’s starlight is indeed too bleak.

Thick eyebrows, Harden, Lillard, McCollum, Ralph… A series of superstars or all-star names have announced their withdrawal from the national team. Some people say that they want to maintain their bodies, and some say they want to prepare for the new season. And there is nothing to tell the truth. For many years, the US men’s basketball team will have a big star to withdraw from the national team, but it has never been as serious as this year. Where is the problem? Former NBA president David Stern talked about it in a recent interview. He thinks FIBA’s move to push World Cup time a year is not wise.
“FIBA made a mistake, that is, the year after the basketball World Cup was postponed before the Olympics. Now you need to invite players to play the World Cup, then play an NBA season, then play the Olympics. I think this gives The pressure on the players is too great, forcing them to make choices in the two international competitions of the Olympics and the World Cup. It is obvious which one is valued. In fact, I really like to send young players to play the World Cup. I hope the American men’s basketball team can win. Champion. I think they have a chance to win. I can see that these young people are coming forward and excited.” When Stern said this, the American men’s basketball team has not lost to France.
This is indeed a very serious problem. FIBA pushed the World Cup time back one year, in order to stagger the football World Cup, to ensure the influence of the game, but because the new game time is in the year before the Olympic Games, this is too much burden for NBA stars. It is conceivable that in every basketball World Cup in the future, it is difficult for the American men’s basketball team to send a lineup of big-name players. They may even consider letting more college students participate in the war and change their thinking. As a result, the appreciation and attention of the World Cup will be affected.

And not only is the United States starry, Canada has many NBA players to withdraw, Australia is the lack of Ben Simmons. This will create a strange phenomenon – the more NBA players in the national team, the more they are affected in the World Cup, because the players will consider preparing for the new season and refuse to play. If you don’t change the game time, this problem may be difficult to solve.

Although many big-name players have withdrawn from the World Cup, in fact, Popovich still has the opportunity to form a better lineup, such as bringing Trey Young, Fox, Adebayor, Sadis Young and Marvin. Bagley.

Dan Walken, a reporter for USA Today, said: “I know that people don’t really like to pick up Popovich’s problems, but his selection does have problems. This is not a post-mortem.
Some people may say that so many players quit themselves, Popovich has no choice at all! In the end, it was clear that he had reduced his staff to the old man with 12 people left. But is this really the case?

I don’t know how many people remember why Trey Young and Fox exited. The former said that he was an eye infection, while the latter worried that he would stay in the team after going to Australia. Both of them were originally thought to play for the United States, but in the end the quota was taken by Derek White. At the time, ESPN named Wen Horst said: “White was promoted to the training team and caused trouble to Trey Young. He may feel that Popovich prefers when he makes a choice between him and White. Spurs player.
Later, Fox also had a lot of doubts when he quit. He was originally one of the best players in the training period, but he did not leave the team without a clear reason. It is generally believed that he is worried that he is not a competitor. Yang’s projection and Fox’s counterattack ability are undoubtedly the lack of this American men’s basketball team, and White eventually averaged 14.3 minutes, 5.5 points, 1.3 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 1.7 turnovers, 20% from three-point range and 60% from free throws.

In addition, the United States is not without layoffs. The players they gave up include Adebayor, Sadis Jan, Marvin Bagley, two big men who are more athletic and similar to Turner. Projection, can hold the ball at the 4th position – this seems to be exactly what the American men’s basketball team needs most.
There is a serious flaw in the lineup of the US men’s basketball team, which is fully exposed in the match with the French men’s basketball team. Losing to France, the first round of rebounds compared to the United States with a 28 to 44 defeat, France grabbed 13 offensive rebounds, scored 16 points through the second attack – to know that before the United States is the World Cup rebounds first, France It is the last. It stands to reason that the small lineup should give the US team a better attack and counterattack ability, but the reality is that the United States only scored 9 points for the fast break.

“For the so-called too big big names who are not willing to play for the United States, so they lose the normal explanation, I don’t want to buy it.” Hoopshabit’s editor Phil Watson said, “Popovich committed and Larry in 2004. · Brown and John Thompson’s mistakes of 1988 did not bring enough pitchers in the FIBA ​​game. I also can’t explain why he didn’t believe his center in the last quarter.”

The US men’s basketball team stopped outside the World Cup semi-finals, and the result is somewhat unexpected. There is no doubt that this is not a strong enough US team. The lack of starlight on paper is obvious to all, and the actual performance has not reached the effect of 1+1>2. If you have to find a fatal injury to this men’s basketball team, it is that their offensive firepower is too weak.

Defending to win the championship seems to be an eternal truth, but the label of the American men’s basketball team in the international competition has always been crazy firepower, and the American team that came to China lost their most horrible weapon. Through the data, we can more intuitively feel how bad the attack of this American men’s basketball team is.
In the recent 6 international competitions, the US men’s basketball team can also score 122 points in the worst 100 rounds on the offensive end, but this year’s US men’s basketball team scored only 111 points in 100 rounds. There are two fatal flaws: bad half-court offense and low projection efficiency. Here are two data:

According to statistics, the US men’s basketball team’s half-court offensive efficiency is only ranked 18th in the 32 World Cup teams, only 88.8 points in a hundred rounds (slightly better than Iran). France’s half-court offense was 108 points in a hundred rounds. From the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the average effective shooting percentage of the US men’s basketball team in the past five World Championships is 58.7%. This year, the US team’s effective shooting rate is only 51.2%, and even the team only has Joe Harris. Effective hit rate over 58.7%
In the basketball game, shooting ability is the root of everything, but the US team’s projection is quite scarce. The Mitchell and Walker projections with the main ball are generally acceptable, but they are not good enough. Middleton and Jay Brown did not achieve the expected efficiency. Except for Joe Harris, no player has brought us surprises, so the lack of power in this American men’s basketball team is taken for granted.

In the past five World Championships, the average men’s basketball team’s average three-point shooting rate reached an incredible 39.7% – this data was placed in the NBA last year is the first in the league. But this year, they only shot 33% from three-point range, ranking 18th in all World Cup teams, and only last second in the NBA last year. Last season, only a team from the Suns scored a three-pointer than the American team. This performance is obviously not expected to yield good results.
The outside line is weak, and the US men’s basketball team is not good enough to attack within the three-point line. Their five-point percentage in the past five world competitions was 58.2%, and this year was 52.6% (ranked 12th in the 32 teams). The American men’s basketball team is constantly being suppressed by opponents in the penalty area (the Turkish penalty area is 38 to 20 and the US is over). They obviously have not yet prepared for the inside line like Gobert in the international arena. Starting center Miles Turner averaged 7.3 points and shot 50%. The substitute Lopez shot a total of 20 times, only hit 5 goals. In the face of Gobert, the American center together only got 2 points. Of course, Popovich is also one of the reasons for the small lineup.

The two defeats in 2004 and 2006 made the United States determined to recruit superstars, and this year’s defeat is likely to have the same effect. At least this World Cup has made us understand that the level of basketball in the world today is getting closer and closer to the United States. They want to rule the game, not only to send superstars, but also to consider the reasonable structure of the team.

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