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Pierce angered Adu: I don’t know what he complained about. The Warrior system is fine.

That’s part of what I said,” Pierce said on the show. “You have won the championship among the most offensive teams on the planet, but some people are complaining. Just as in the next few rounds of the playoffs, the defense will get harder and harder, but at some point you will mix a lot of one-on-one tactics. This system is no problem, and the reason for their defeat this year is injury. This is my opinion about KD. I don’t understand what he is looking for. This system is successful. What is he talking about? ”

Durant recently accepted an interview with The Wall Street Journal and pointed out that there is a problem with Cole’s offensive system. “The Warriors’ offense only works to a certain extent. At a certain stage, there are limitations. For example, in the first two rounds, we can rely entirely on it. System, but in the next two rounds we will rely on individual singles to compete, to take all of our skills to attack.”

However, Durant won two championship trophies under the hands of Cole, as well as two Finals MVPs. Durant’s offensive efficiency in the Warriors’ three seasons is much higher than in the Thunder. Perhaps KD and Cole are divided on the offense of the team. There was controversy about the number of shots made by the two players last season. Cole once asked Durant to play 30 times in a game in the Warriors and Clippers series. But was rejected by Durant. Now Durant has the Warriors and joined the Nets.

Rodman also criticized Durant’s remarks that he was too selfish because he took tens of millions of dollars a year, and the Warriors’ system could help him spend most of his season easily.

Cole did not respond to Adu’s criticism in a recent interview. He only said that the Warriors would miss Clay Thompson’s role, because Thompson’s absence changed the team’s plans on both ends of the floor. He is the most crucial part. I won’t care about the outside world’s sensation and do it myself.

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