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Morey’s new season or re-enactment of the gods operation Renewed Nene is to pave the way for a brother?

The Rockets returned to Westbrook during the offseason, renewing Gordon, but the team’s frontline short board has not improved. It has been reported that the Rockets intend to Iguodala, but they are unable to operate, and now, within the renewal of the contract After that, this situation has changed, and Nene may become a bargaining chip for Iguodala in the new season.
This summer, the Warriors sent Iguodala to the Grizzlies. Memphis has repeatedly said that they will not buy Iguodala, but will trade him to other teams in exchange for a first-round pick, which also allows Those who are interested in “one brother” are discouraged, not to mention a first-round pick, and only Iguodala’s $17.2 million contract makes those teams feel embarrassed. According to the salary matching principle, this means other The team needs to send at least $13.8 million in chips. For many teams, they can’t come up with the right players.

However, this situation changed after the Rockets renewed the contract. This is one of the most creative contracts in NBA history. Houston and the 37-year-old veteran signed a two-year, $20 million contract. Contracts.

Of course, the Rockets don’t actually pay such a salary for Nene, but they can use the fuzzy rules to define some holes to make Nene’s “flexible” salary play a role in the transaction.

Nene’s $10 million annual salary includes $2.56 million in base salary and $7.44 million in bonuses. The second year of the contract is a non-guaranteed contract. If the team cuts it before February 15, 2020, it does not need to pay his next year’s salary. The nature is actually equivalent to signing for one year. The reason why the Rockets have to add the second year is to prevent the internal veto trade, so that they can send Nene to any team in the middle of the season.

NBA bonuses fall into two categories, one is a possible bonus, and the other is a bonus that is unlikely to be realized. The former is directly included in the salary cap, while the latter does not need to be included in the salary cap. In 2010, the Heat set a bonus that was unlikely to be realized in Wade, James and Bosh’s contract, which accounted for 15% of the salary. The trigger was that the team won 48 games. Obviously, this standard is too Simple, the Heat made it easy, the Big Three got all the bonuses, and at the same time, because the money didn’t occupy the salary cap, the Heat signed Mike Miller with extra salary space.

In the past ten years, this method has been widely promoted by the league. This summer, the Lakers and the Nets have used this method to maximize the team’s salary utilization. The Nets signed Xiao Jordan in this way.

The Rockets used another way to set a “possible” bonus in the internal contract. If Nene played at least 10 games in the new season and the Rockets won at least 52 games, he would receive $2.435 million in prize money. If you participate in at least 25 games and the Rockets win at least 52 games, you will receive an additional $2.5 million. If you participate in at least 40 games and the Rockets win 52 games, Nene will receive a $2.5 million prize.

Nene’s appearance is controllable by the Rockets. If the team wants to trade in Iguodala, they can completely control the amount of bonuses within Nene.

The Rockets boss has already said that the team will win in the moment. In order to compete for the championship, it is not ruled out that Morey will gamble, and the renewal of the inside will sometimes turn into a god operation.

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