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The NBA’s top insider lost the semi-final: he didn’t make a defensive shot. He was a French sinner.

In 2019, the men’s basketball team ushered in the semi-final competition, the French men’s basketball team against the Argentine men’s basketball team. In the end, the French men’s basketball team played poorly, 66-80 lost to the Argentine men’s basketball team. Gobert played poorly in this game, only 3 points, 11 rebounds and 1 block in the game, and did not show the strength of the top inside the rebound protection and frame. Therefore, they also lost the opportunity to lead the French team into the finals, and their previous best performance in the World Cup (formerly the World Championships) is the third place in the 2014 Men’s World Cup.
Before the game, the French men’s basketball team defeated the biggest men’s basketball team in the quarter-finals in the quarter-finals, while Gobert also smashed 21 points and 16 rebounds in the game, and also for the United States. The team sent 3 blocks. At the last moment of the final game, Gobert continued to cover two layups of Walker and Mitchell, and successfully extinguished the arrogance of the US team.

However, in tonight’s game, Gobert seems to have lost the magic of playing against the US team. Not only did he not create a chance to score for the teammates after the pick-and-roll, but also missed his defense on the defensive end. The situation of people. In the first quarter of the game to 4 minutes and 40 seconds, Scola held the ball at the bottom line, while Debia cut into the basket from the other side, dunking in the unguarded situation, Gobert is completely stunned in three Outside the second zone.

In the first quarter, Gobert did not score and scored only two rebounds for the team. Until the game went to the middle of the second quarter, Gobert took advantage of the Fourier’s break to create a foul, but he did not find a rhythm on the shot, only two free throws, while Gobel was ten penalty nine in the free-throw line. in. At the end of the first half, Gobert only contributed 1 point and 6 rebounds to the team.

Gobel’s play in this game is not without reason. He did not use his physical advantage in the game to help the player to play a beautiful pick-and-roll, and therefore did not create the most effective and simple pick-and-roll chance for himself.

And most of the time he faced Garitz in the game, although Garitz is shorter than Gobel, but the speed is better than Gobert. When Gobel is going to pick and roll, Garitz can change the defense very well, thus covering up. The ballman, causing Gobert not to receive the pass in the first time. Therefore, on the court, Gobel has repeatedly appeared as a pick-and-roll for the ball-handler.

In addition, Gobert did not show a very high degree of concentration in this game, missing his defender on the defensive end, being blocked by opponents who were shorter than himself on the offensive end, and even appeared in the middle of the third quarter. The situation of dunking does not advance.

In the last quarter of the game until about 7 minutes left, Gobert scored his first goal in the game. Since then, when the team is in urgent need of chasing points, Gobert has made two free throws. In the end, the French men’s basketball team lost the overall shooting, 66-80 lost to the Argentine men’s basketball team, and watched the Argentine team re-enter the men’s basketball World Cup (predecessor World Championship) finals after 17 years.

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