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The United States lost to France, or created the worst ranking in history! Can you see the Redemption Team again next year?

In the quarter-finals of the 2019 Basketball World Cup, the US men’s basketball team lost to France 79-89, missed the semi-finals of the World Cup, their 48-game winning streak in the World Series (World Cup + Olympic Games), and France has also been since 1992. The 7th team beat the US team.
The United States will play against Serbia in 5-8 qualifying games, which means that the United States wins at the top of the fifth place. If you lose, you may have to create the worst ranking in the international competition. (The worst thing before is The sixth place in the 2002 World Championships). However, from another perspective, the loss of the United States is not a bad thing, at least the fans can see that they have sent the strongest division to fight.

In the 2002 World Championships in the United States, the United States sent a dream five team to play, the players are Finlay, Byron Davis, Andre Miller, O’Neal, Pierce, Brand, Big Ben Wallace and others. However, the Dream Five team won only the sixth place in the World Championships at their doorstep.
In the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the United States sent the Dream Six team to play, including 03 Sanjie, Marbury, Duncan, Iverson and others. However, the Group 5 team lost even Puerto Rico and Lithuania, and lost to Argentina in the semi-finals, eventually winning only third place.

In the 2006 World Championships in Japan, the old K coach was in charge of the US men’s basketball team, but still lost to Greece in the semi-final, and finally only got the third place.
So the 2008 Redemption Team was born, the old K coach “our best player” Kobe Bryant, entered the peak of his career, 03 James, Anthony, Wade, Bosh and the league’s best point guard at the time. Paul and center Howard, coupled with veteran Kidd and several blue-collar players Boozer, Reid, and Prince. The American men’s basketball team regained the Olympic gold medal.

After the 2010 World Championships, the 2012 Olympic Games, the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, there are basically several of the most powerful players in the NBA, and the United States has never let the championship fall.

So, what kind of lineup will the US team send next year?
James, he will be 36 years old next year, but on the strength of James can also score 27 + 8 + 8 data, on the impact of the current NBA players still no one can match. The dream team still needs him a superstar.
Durant, although seriously injured, but after the injury, Adu will not be much worse than before the injury. And as the history of the United States men’s basketball team, 3 times in the World Series 3 times to become the scoring super scorer, Durant in the world, is also a big killer!
Curry, who played in the World Championships (World Cup) with the US team twice in 10 and 14 years, won the championship twice. Throughout this World Cup, a historical level shooter like Curry is crucial to the team’s bonus.
Harden, 12 years of the Olympic Games, 14 years of the World Cup with the team won. Similarly, in the world of the game, players like Harden are very popular.

Anthony Davis, who has not joined the league in 12 years, joined the US team in the Olympics. In today’s league, the thick eyebrows are among the best insiders, and in the case of top international players, the thick eyebrows are more important for the American men’s basketball team.
Owen, the 14th World Cup won the championship with the team and was elected MVP. Obviously Irving is also very suitable for playing the world competition.

Lillard did not represent the US team in the international competition

Thompson, the 14-year World Cup, won the championship with the 16th Olympic Games. There is no problem with the top scorer like Clay.

Leonard, the first person in the league, has an offensive and defensive unit. He has not played for the US team in the international competition.
George, the same star of attack and defense

Griffin, 12 years of Olympic Games exited due to injury, 14 years for personal reasons to withdraw. Griffin has never been to the international competition. However, as the American player who is still performing well in the current NBA, the American men’s basketball team should bring him.

Drummond, the same reason, the current NBA top center is mostly international players, the American men’s basketball team can take out the hand is also a god. At least he is better than the three insiders.

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