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Lost to France, 13 years later the dream team lost again! Is the American Spurs winning the law still effective?

According to statistics, except for the World Series qualifiers and the America’s Cup competition, this is the first time in 13 years that the American men’s basketball team lost in the World Series! The last time the US team was in 2006, September 1, the semi-final of the World Championships held in Japan that year, the US team lost 95-101 to Greece, and it has been 4758 days. At the same time, the worst record of the US team in the world competition was the World Championships at their doorstep in 2002, when they won the sixth place. Look at Serbia’s lineup configuration this time! It seems that the US team is very likely to create its worst record on the world stage!

In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the US team formed the first team of NBA players to participate in the World Series. This super-day group known as the Dream Team, under the leadership of the demon bird, seems to be an alien technology coming to the earth, sweeping the Olympic Games with the gods and gods, winning all eight games, averaging 44 points per game. Even the final with the least difference scored 32 points in Croatia.

Since the dream team, in addition to the 1998 World Championships in Greece, because of the NBA lockout, the US team has sent a national team composed of all NBA players in every World Championships (now the World Cup) and the Olympic Games. Known as the Dream Team, the Dream Team… This time they sent the Dream Team 13. However, unlike the previous years of ruin, the Dream Team has already encountered strong threats from the world’s basketball players since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The first failure of the Dream Team began with the 2002 World Championships held at the door of their home. From the 2002 World Championships to the 2006 World Championships, two World Championships and one Olympic Games, the Dream Team lost a total of seven games and lost three world championships.

The specific events were – the 2002 World Championships lost to Argentina; the 2002 World Championships lost to Yugoslavia; the 2002 World Championships lost to Spain; the 2004 Olympic Games to Puerto Rico; the 2004 Olympic Games to Lithuania; the 2004 Olympic Games to Argentina; The 2006 World Championships lost to Greece. Also lost to France yesterday.

The US team’s defeat has actually been symptomatic. It must be known that since the team was formed, this American team has voluntarily quit. Among them, because they just arrived at the new team and hope to be familiar with the team as early as possible, such as thick eyebrows; because they are rehabilitating next season, such as Harden; there are injuries due to withdrawal, such as Kuzma; even have The NBA hasn’t played before, such as the new champion Zion.
Let’s just say this – this is the first time in the history of the US team that there is no layoffs to directly fill the list of 12 people! The biggest wrist of the team is Popovich, who is sitting in the coaching seat, and his assistant, Cole. Many people think that this team is not worthy of the title of the dream team!

Such a team composition, such a bad record, do not know the first time as the head coach of the United States, Popovich, how do you feel in your heart?

The 70-year-old Popovich is perhaps the greatest head coach in NBA history. Although his ring is not as many as Cardinal and Zen Master, he is the longest coach in the history of professional sports in the world. And since the second season he coached, his team has never missed the playoffs. His former assistants and assistants, in the NBA and even the world basketball, opened a branch, forming a huge Spurs!

However, if we are nitpicking to sum up – Popovich’s greatness and legend, only in the NBA, in the world, under the FIBA ​​rules, the experience of the father is distressing!
The darkest moment of the American men’s basketball team is the World Championships held in 2002 at the door of their own home and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. In these two world competitions, the US team experienced a total of six defeats, one fifth and one third! In both world competitions, there is the figure of Popovich’s father – he is the assistant coach of these two American teams.

Coupled with this defeat, since the eight defeats of the American Dream Team since 1992, there have been seven games related to Popovich! Although these failures have been related to the composition of the team, and are related to the withdrawal of many superstars, but Popovich is really not subject to FIBA’s “waiting to see” has become a reality!

But fans who like Popovich and the Spurs don’t have to be too distressed or uncomfortable. Because every time the US team breaks the sand in the world competition, the Spurs will win the championship in the next NBA!

In the 2002 World Championships in the United States, the United States sent a dream five team to play. The team’s head coach is George Karl, and Popovich is a teaching assistant. Players include Finley, Byron Davis, Andre Miller, Little O’Neill, Pierce, Brand, Big Ben Wallace. Shi et al. However, the Dream Five team won only the sixth place in the World Championships at their doorstep.

In the 2002-2003 NBA season after the World Championships, the Spurs were 60 wins and 22 losses in the regular season, ranking first in the winning percentage. The playoffs scored a 4-2 score against the Suns, Lakers, Mavericks, and the Nets. The finals were still the same 4-2, Popovich and Duncan got their second championship trophy!
In the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the United States sent the Dream Six team to play. The head coach of this team is Larry Brown, and Popovich is also a teaching assistant. The players include 03 Sanjie, Marbury, Duncan, Iverson and others. However, the Group 5 team lost even Puerto Rico and Lithuania, and lost to Argentina in the semi-finals, eventually winning only third place.

After the Olympics, the 04-05NBA season, the Spurs regular season 59 wins and 23 losses ranked second. In the playoffs, they eliminated the Nuggets, SuperSonics, and regular-season champions. They won the championship again after seven games in the Finals and the Pistons.

In the 2006 Japan Men’s World Championships, the old K coach was in charge of the US men’s basketball team. Although the Dream Seven team did not have Popovich, they lost to Greece in the semi-final and won the third place.
No coincidence – the next NBA 06-07 season, the Spurs regular season 58 wins and 24 losses ranked third, the playoffs eliminated the Nuggets, the Sun, the Jazz, the finals 4-0 swept the Cavaliers, once again won the Aub Ryan trophy.

In other words, every time the Dream Team fails in the World Series, Popovich will become the NBA championship with his Spurs in the following season! This is an overly magical law!
This time, Popovich was the head coach of the US team for the first time, and it was the most painful failure of the dream team. So for Popovich, will this be another loss of sorrow?

But looking at the Spurs’ current lineup, the playoffs should be fine, but the championship seems to have a certain gap.

This time, the Spurs’ magical law may not be realized…

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