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What hate? Rodman once again shelled Durant: too selfish! He shouldn’t evaluate the Warriors like that.

This summer, a star has attracted the attention of fans, he is Kevin Durant! Durant left the Warriors to join the Nets this summer. In the previous three seasons, Durant led the Warriors to the NBA championship twice. He was twice elected to FMVP. Recently, Durant spoke about his former club Warriors in an interview, some of which were very sharp. For example, Durant once said that he gradually realized that he was not selected by the Warriors (meaning different players like Curry, Green, Thompson, etc.), and Durant called the Warriors system and reached the extreme, hoping to join a command. I am getting more development teams.
For Durant’s remarks, a former NBA superstar expressed his dissatisfaction. He was Rodman who had achieved the second three consecutive championships with the Bulls. Rodman said: “I think the current player’s mentality and It’s totally different in the 1990s or the 00s. Seriously, I think Durant is really too selfish. I don’t care if he can hear what I said, in fact I really don’t care. I think when we have the chance to play like this High-level competitions, especially if you have a lot of playing time and performing your own performances, and then earning $40-45 million a year, and you don’t need to play a whole season, he really shouldn’t say those words.”
This is not over yet, Rodman also said: “I still can’t understand, I don’t know why he wants to say such things. I mean, accept this fact readily (Durant is not selected by the Warriors), if It’s me, I will enjoy it. I don’t care who is the leader of the team. I don’t care who is the main force, who is this, who is that, I only know that I want to get involved. I want to win, I want to influence this. City, my job is to make people who watch our games happy.
It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Rodman has “fired” for Durant. In an interview before, Rodman was asked about the problem of the top small forward in history, Rodman said. “Scotti Pippen is a pioneer in the small forward. I want to tell the world that Pippen is very good. And Durant, go to his X! You are 6 feet 9 inches, 6 feet 10 inches. The players should go to Pippen and kneel down to worship him.” Earlier, Rodman also said that defending Durant was very simple. He also said that the Warriors could not compare with the Bulls of the year because Pippen It will be easy to get Durant. Pointing the gun at Durant several times in a row, I really don’t know what Rodman and he have.

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