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28 championship fake rings were intercepted by the police. The champions of the Warriors Spurs and other teams were all copied.

Not only for NBA players, even ordinary fans want to have a championship ring for collection. Of course, the ring in the player’s hand must be won by individual and team efforts, and the fans can use real money in some ways. Purchased. But what if you told you that the high-priced champion ring was fake?
Recently, relevant personnel at the Los Angeles airport have seized a number of championship rings, and there are 28 such rings. According to the photos disclosed, these batches of champions work very finely. There is no obvious difference between them and the real ones. However, the final identification of these rings is fake. If all is true, the rings will be valued at an astonishing $550,000.
The championship rings of the Spurs, Warriors, Heat and other teams in these fake rings were all copied. It is reported that they will be sent to Arizona, but they were intercepted by a staff member in a wooden box during the transit in Los Angeles. At present, the police have not arrested anyone for this matter, and the ring was sent from China to the United States.
Previously, every champion ring of the Golden State Warriors was customized. In addition to the information indicating the team’s victory, the player’s jersey number and even the name will be engraved, and the ring indicates that various gems will be displayed. Its identity.

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