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Social circle: media ridicule the US team was eliminated, Durant accidentally lying gun

“NBA Social Circle”, the dream team lost to France missed the semi-finals, ending their 58-game winning streak in the international arena (Olympics, World Cup, America’s Cup). Although this American men’s basketball team does not have big-name superstars, this team has not even entered the semi-finals, but it has surprised many people.
The American men’s basketball team lost, and Kevin Durant was shot in surprise. On social media, fans still have a series of works from Durant’s next chapter. This time, the pattern on Durant’s chest has become the French flag.
Not long ago, Kevin Durant accepted an interview with The Wall Street Journal. In the interview, he talked about some things about himself and the two former owners of the Thunder and the Warriors. In addition, Durant also took a set of cover photos for the Wall Street Journal, and on the social media, the media also exposed Durant’s photo.
France defeated the United States and successfully advanced to the semi-finals. On social media, the French star Tony Parker made a special celebration.
Among the top four of this year’s basketball World Cup, there are two teams from Europe, Spain and France. The two teams also qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. On social media, the Spanish star Paul Ga. Sol sent a message, congratulations on the team’s qualification to lock the Olympics.
Recently, the famous basketball game “NBA 2K20” was officially released. In the game, you can use your favorite NBA star. But what’s embarrassing is that the Celtics center Tucker Farr has not yet appeared in the game. On social media, the Celtics’ Grant Williams is not good for his teammates. The best friend Tucker Farr did not appear in the 2K game, I need some incitement, the Celtics fans, I am surprised, you have not noticed this.
Many people have been paying attention to the recent Apple conference, and Lakers star Anthony Davis also participated in the conference. On social media, Ningmei took out a photo with Apple CEO Tim Cook and wrote, “I am honored to be able to attend Apple’s conference today and see Cook. Give him something about it. Thanks for the advice of the next generation Iphone.”
The Lakers’ new aid, Dwight Howard, has recently released a picture of his playing at the outdoor court, and then wrote, “The tyrant is coming.” I don’t know if Howard, who will play next season, can play this on the court. which performed.
Lakers guard Cook’s father is a Lakers fan, so when Cook joined the Lakers, he was very excited. Recently, on social media, Cook has shown a photo of his training to mourn his father. “In my eyes, only the family is inseparable, rest in peace, father.”
Rocket star Westbrook has always been a handsome big boy. Today on social media, Wei Shao has produced a handsome photo of himself and then wrote, “Every time I am at the forefront.
During the college years, Westbrook and Love were former teammates, both of whom studied at the University of California, Los Angeles. Recently, on social media, Love took a group photo of two people and then wrote, “Let your heroism down and give yourself a zero, zero and zero number.”

In the new season, Harden and Westbrook will be teammates. Recently, on social media, Harden drew a photo of everyone together and wrote, “If you know, you will know.”
This summer, the Rockets sent Chris Paul and exchanged Westbrook. Recently, Paul and his wife are in a holiday mode. On social media, Paul has taken a group photo of two people to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
Because of injuries, John Wall may not be able to play next season. And many people therefore vomited Wall’s high salary and low energy. Obviously, Wall himself is also under great pressure. Recently, on social media, Wall drew a photo of himself on the beach and wrote, “If you walked the path I walked, you will understand how important these blessings are to me.”
Spurs forward Carol seems to have been practicing hard this summer. Recently, on social media, Carol came up with a photo of himself during training, and then wrote, “Working hard is also a gift, keep working hard.”
Many NBA stars like the “Dragon Ball” comics. The 76ers star Tobias Harris is also one of them. On social media, Harris has recently produced a character in the “Dragon Ball” comics. Photo.
Today, Kobe is very concerned about her daughter’s basketball career. Recently, on social media, Kobe has exposed the trophy picture obtained by her second daughter, and then wrote, “Two years ago, my little Mamba had 20 points and 25 points respectively. There was a 40-point difference that lost the game. At that time, I asked them how you planned to deal with the fourth trophy you just got, and their answer was thrown away. I told them to put the trophy in the room. Somewhere, when they wake up, this will be the first thing they see, reminding them that this is something they will not have afterwards. We will win something and lose something. But we will continue to work hard, and they have chosen to do this, Mamba spirit.”
Not long ago, the Cavaliers’ meritorious commentator MacLeod died. Many players who have played in the Cavaliers have written mourning, including LeBron James, Channing Frye and others, and today JR-Smith also Deliberately issued a document, mourning MacLeod.
Kevin Lefort, who made a letter, prayed for MacLeod’s family.
Cavaliers guard Sexton drew a picture of himself when he was interviewed by MacLeod and wrote, “Look for your family, last season, you did a lot for me, rest in peace, Fred. “”
Recently, many NBA stars are very concerned about the hurricane disaster. On social media, Sun officially took photos of team center Ayton when donating items for the disaster area. It is worth mentioning that Ayton is a Bahamian, and the Bahamas is the hardest hit by the hurricane.
Next season, the Blazers ushered in the 50th anniversary of the team, the team will hold a series of celebrations. For example, the introduction of retro style tickets for the game, on the social media, the Blazers officially took photos of the retro tickets, “For our 50th season this year, we will launch five themes of the decade.

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