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The American men’s basketball team is in the heart! The number one star is only the NBA 20th, the strongest 14 people in the United States are not coming.

The US media “Sports Illustrated” announced the NBA’s 11-20 stars in the new season. In this list, the core player of the current men’s basketball World Cup, Kenba Walker, is on the list, and the only one is ranked 20th. Based on the top ten stars that can already be derived, Walker is only the 15th American player on the list. It’s no wonder that the American men’s basketball team can’t win, and the 14 strongest players are staying in the US!
The highest ranking in the US men’s basketball team is Walker 20th, in addition to Middleton ranked 27th, Mitchell ranked 29th, Tatum 35th, Turner 47, Lopez 66, Jay Brown 68 Barnes 72, Smart 82, White 91, Joe Harris 95, Plumlee did not enter the top 100.
“Sports Illustrated” has not yet ranked the top ten players, but I believe fans can also guess the 10 people, respectively (in no particular order): James, Leonard, letter brother, Harden, Curry, Lila De, George, Embiid, Jokic, Emei, Durant will not enter the ranking because of injuries. It can be seen that in the top ten stars, in addition to the letters brother, Embiid and Jokic, are Americans. Plus from the 11-19th Butler, Wei Shao, Owen, Ade, Chasing Green, Horford and Griffin, the 14 strongest men in the US men’s basketball team did not come to the World Cup.
It’s no wonder that the US men’s basketball team can’t even enter the top four. Without the 14 people coming, even if there are 2-3 people out of 14 people, the American men’s basketball team will not fall to the present field. In the first battle with France, Kenba Walker made three consecutive missed attacks and completely ruined the game. Imagine that if it was Harden Curry or James Leonard, the three offenses would not be so bad. But if there is no such thing in the world, the American men’s basketball team can only blame themselves.
However, the defeat of the World Cup may provoke the fighting spirit of these American players. Next year’s Tokyo Olympics, both important and time, are better than this World Cup. Even if you may not see James, Durant and other veterans who have already won the Olympic gold medal, come to Harden Liard George, and the strength of the United States will instantly lead the world.

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