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You know nothing about Yao Ming, you know nothing about him.

I never thought that even people like Yao Ming would be jealous.

A few days ago, the Chinese men’s basketball team lost Poland and Venezuela successively and stopped at this year’s Basketball World Cup.

So netizens turned Chinese basketball into Chinese football, and Yao Ming, the chairman of the men’s basketball team, also sneaked in.
Last night, the men’s basketball team defeated the South Korean team in extremely difficult circumstances and achieved a hard-won victory. Yao Ming, who is the chairman of the Basketball Association, was hit by a hot search.
Some even launched a vote on the Internet:
In fact, this is not the first time he was defamed. When he was the chairman of the Basketball Association, the buzz of netizens was even more terrible.
Yao Ming and his wife are unquestioned Chinese nationality. In the case of the men’s basketball team’s successive defeats, Yao Ming’s sitting in the audience was also anxious. When he finally lost the game, he also cried.

Why is he going to guide Zhou Qi, not because he is really too anxious, too want to win?

Is it true that Yao Ming can only be high, and even his own experience and skills can not be shared with players?
Yao Ming’s experience as a chairperson of the men’s basketball team to teach players to play is not professional. Is it a professional for a football reporter to comment on basketball?

Some people always judge a person with a ball game. They always like to blindly compare, but forget what our original level looks like.

If there is no Yao Ming, our situation will only be worse.

In 2016, Yao Ming was selected to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Someone asked how to evaluate this matter?

The most praised answer is:

We owe Yao Ming a respect.

Yes, those who scold him, those who question him, really don’t know how much Yao Ming has been, how much he contributed to Chinese basketball, his emotional intelligence and wisdom are seriously underestimated.

In China, no one knows basketball better than him. If he is not qualified enough, no one can stand up for that glory.


At the age of nine, Yao Ming first came into contact with basketball.

It may be because parents are basketball players, he is more touched than ordinary people on basketball, shooting and dribbling almost no need to teach, he can be self-taught.

At the age of 18, Yao Ming was already very bullish. He made a big splash at major domestic events. Before going to the NBA, Yao Ming was already the keeper of the CBA records.

In the 2001-02 season, Yao Ming led the Shanghai team to create the longest 12-game winning streak in the CBA. Yao Ming played 34 league games and the numbers ranked first in the CBA.

In four games against the Bayi Rockets for the championship, Yao Ming averaged 41.3 points, 21.0 rebounds and 4.3 rebounds, and left 21 of 21 shots. This record has remained unmatched in the CBA.

Many people may have heard the word “Shanghai dance step”, and the Shanghai dance step is the representative of Yao Ming’s dance step.
The South Korean head coach said that if he is given a Yao Ming, he can take the South Korean team to the world’s top four.

I can think about how powerful Yao Ming is. It is no exaggeration to say: Yao Ming is a rare wizard in Chinese basketball for a hundred years.

After Yao Ming went to the US NBA, he still maintained excellent.

He is the No. 1 center in the NBA and the first person in the penalty area.
He was the best inside scorer in the NBA that year, the best mid-line, and a center that could win as a big master. No matter which way he deals with him (around the front, pinch), he has a corresponding routine as a counterattack, he is the only axis.

When mentioning O’Neill, everyone feels very good, and Yao Ming is the only one who can compete with him. Yao Ming and O’Neal have played 13 games. Yao Ming has 7 wins and 6 losses and averaged 18.6 points and 10.5 rebounds. O’Neill 6 wins and 7 losses averaged 22.9 points. 9.6 rebounds, in comparison, not inferior.

Why is Yao Ming the first person in China to be elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame? Why is his No. 11 jersey being hanged over the Rockets venue and no longer available for others?
Strength proves everything!

Yao Ming’s achievements and heights in basketball are now unparalleled in China.

In addition, Yao Ming’s emotional intelligence is the most talked about, his IQ is 136, and this gives him the ease to face those difficult problems.

When I first played in the NBA, people always compared him to O’Neill. When O’Neill was particularly dissatisfied, he thought of who you are, and what a rookie compares with me.

Once interviewed, O’Neill provoked the camera:

You have the ability to taste my big elbow, and made an elbow movement, and even said a few harsh words, especially mad.

The United States is a country that is particularly sensitive to racial discrimination. After the broadcast of the program, it caused an uproar. The Chinese protested O’Neill’s racial discrimination. The incident was very big and O’Neill was frightened.

Yao Ming was extremely clever in the handling of this matter. He did not say anything. Instead, he sent O’Neill and his family a hand-written greeting card. O’Neill’s father was very moved after receiving it. He called O’Neill to apologize to Yao Ming.
In order to show sincerity, O’Neill personally bought a tape to learn Chinese. I am sorry, Yao Ming smiled and said nothing, don’t go to my heart.


He won the respect of O’Neill with wisdom and character, and later they became good friends. At the Hall of Fame ceremony, O’Neill put on Yao Ming’s coat symbolizing the Basketball Hall of Fame.
The thing that kisses the ass is believed to be known to many people, and what I want to say is Yao Ming’s reaction.

Barkley once bet with all the audience watching the game; “Wait, if Yao Ming can get 19 points in a game this year, I will kiss the ass in public!”
After hearing it, Yao Ming did not anger and responded humorously: “Then I will get 18 points every day!”

He used the wit and humor to find a step for Barkley and found a step for himself.

Later, Yao Ming scored 20 points in the game. Barkley honored his promise and kissed his ass in public. The media was sensational.

At that time, Yao Ming was 22 years old. In the interview with reporters, he said:

“Buckley is just making a joke… I like Barkley very much. He would rather lower his own price for the championship. I think he is a very admirable athlete.”

There used to be a reporter who wanted to provoke him and deliberately embarrassed him: “Why are China’s billions of people unable to find five good basketball players.”

Yao Ming smiled and said: “There are 300 million Americans, how can they not find a good athlete who plays table tennis?”

Between three words and two words, the other party’s maliciousness is subtly resolved.

In Yao Ming’s body, not only tolerance and tolerance, but also a kind of wisdom of four or two. For other people’s criticism, Yao Ming has always had his own philosophy of life.

Yao Ming brought them not only a Chinese, but also more important things.

At that time, the NBA, because Yao Ming broke out a “China fever,” in the eyes of the Americans, what is Yao Ming, what China is.

He used his high emotional intelligence to resolve the crisis and created a perfect Chinese image.
Jordan once commented Yao Ming:

“When I saw Yao Ming, I felt that this person is not simple. We may play for interest and work, but he plays for the future of a country and a nation, and directly shoulders the expectations of a country.”

Why is Yao Ming’s words very cautious, why is his performance more concerned by the people of the country?

Because going to the NBA, the only Chinese who can reach that height is him. He represents not only himself, but the hope of a country!


Behind the greatness is suffering, and this is no exception to Yao Ming.

Many people have heard Kobe’s “running at 4 o’clock in the morning”, and Yao Ming is really hard to train.

The body is bulky and not flexible enough. Others run around the basketball court and he runs in the water. The resistance of the water made his training more than double, and he insisted on his teeth.

The teammate once said that he has never seen anyone who works like him. His training intensity is not worse than Kobe.

However, accompanied by glory, there are endless injuries.

7 years of major surgery in 9 years, 5 times on the left foot, more than 10 steel nails on the foot, even if it is a big foot, there is no place to re-install a steel nail, but this height is 2 meters 26 I used my own clumsy and stubborn way to guard my basketball dream. Every time I got sick, I left the game and returned to the game without waiting for the injury. I went back and forth again and again.

The fans have long been used to seeing him desperately on the court until a doctor tells him that if you fight again, you will become a disabled person in the second half of life, and he realizes that he really can’t move, reluctantly I left the stadium where I struggled for a lifetime.
Yang Yi interviewed Yao Ming and asked him how many points he could score for his career. He did not hesitate: 100 points.

Yang Yi said, “I have never seen anyone scoring this way, leaving no room for it.”

Yao Ming said frankly, “I have done my best, and every day I do my best. There is nothing that I regret that I have not tried my best. This is the best achievement I can win.”

If you try to be synonymous, then I think that name should be called Yao Ming, do your best, and don’t worry about it.


When Yao Ming retired, he said a word: Although I left the game, I will never leave basketball.

So he took over the hot potato of the men’s national team and became the chairman of the Basketball Association.
The current Chinese men’s basketball team is very weak, but the coaches and chairmen who have taken over are not unscrupulous.

Why is this time the men’s basketball coach Li Nan was so miserable?

Because of his experience and qualifications, there are still a lot of people missing, and those who are truly experienced have chosen Mingzhe to protect themselves and do not want their own world name to be destroyed.

Yao Ming is the same. He could have rejected the position of the chairman, but Yao Ming still picked it up.

He knows that if he chooses to protect himself, the Chinese men’s basketball team has little hope.

In an era of upside down chaos, he took on the responsibility of reorganizing the whole world, and this matter showed his heart and made more sense.
Now that the World Cup has returned, the voice of Yao Ming has become more and more intense, but we only saw the results of the game, but we can’t see how much responsibility Yao Ming has taken for the national team. No one can love basketball more than him.

On the night of the loss to Venezuela, the camera cut to Yao Ming, and we saw the eyes of the giant who was always laughing and full of tears.

He watched this team that had been rushing into the world’s top eight by his own way. Now he has to get the tickets for the Olympic Games. He is watching the basketball career he loves all his life. Now he looks at the dream of revitalizing Chinese basketball. far…

His tears are unwilling, annoying, heartache.
This giant who dedicated his life to the basketball career, now carrying a full name, can not help but make people feel bad.

He never thought of just being a player, a chairman.

Instead, let more people love basketball and train more basketball talents for China. He really pays too much for Chinese basketball.

Established Yao Fund, he personally went to the poverty-stricken mountain areas, taught children to play, and committed to developing physical education in poverty-stricken areas;

The acquisition of the Shanghai men’s basketball team, the establishment of the China Vocational League, a drastic reform, from the internal elimination of the men’s basketball for many years of ills……
Yao Ming is still a long way to go, and there are still many things to do…

In our youth, Yao Ming, like a lighthouse, has always illuminated our basketball dreams, and has illuminated many Chinese people, embarked on the international arena, and went to the NBA to play.
Don’t forget that Yao Ming used to be the leader of Chinese basketball like Optimus Prime.

He gave us not only basketball, but also wisdom and wisdom. The era of Yao Ming is over, but his basketball era has just arrived!


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