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Rocket Green: Wei Shao is a monster. I want to create a three-pointer in the new season.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Rockets player Gerald Green said he can’t wait for the new season, and he hopes the new season will start today. Green set a goal for his new season – 40% from three-point range, he also praised Russell Westbrook as a monster
Green participated in the training of the Rockets players in Los Angeles. He trained with James Harden and Eric Gordon. He has seen enough. He would rather start the new season training camp. “I can’t wait,” Green said. “To be honest, I hope the new season starts today. I know that Westbrook has come to a new family. Harden feels like his friend is back. It’s really good, Everyone’s mentality is very good, I really like the way this team develops.”

The Rockets will be welcoming the media day of the new season on September 28. The training camp will start on September 29 and have three days of training before the preseason. The Rockets’ first preseason game was to play against the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team on October 1st, followed by the Clippers in Honolulu on October 5th, then fly to Tokyo and the Raptors for two games, followed by the home game on October 17. The Spurs will face the Raptors on October 19th.

But Green said he has entered the regular season mode early and set a clear goal for his 13th season. “I want to be the best substitute three-point shooter I can be,” Green said. “My three-point percentage must reach 40%. I want to try to create a single-season three-pointer in the upcoming season. Hit the number record. This is what I have been paying attention to, expanding the range and truly becoming an efficient three-point shooter.”

Green played 204 three-pointers in the Suns in the 2013-14 season, which is his career record. He averaged 2.7 three-pointers per game in the Rockets in 2017-18, which is his highest record per game. His career 3-point percentage is 36.1%, with 40% in the 2013-14 season.

Green renewed a one-year contract worth $2.564 million with the Rockets this summer. He said he never considered leaving the Rockets because the Rockets took most of the core last season, except for Chris Paul for Westbrook. The lineup has been retained, which gives him reason to expect a new start. “Paul is a great guy, a great guy on the court and a great guy under the court.” Green said, “I don’t want to lose Paul. Westbrook, he is a this type. Point guard, he is a monster. He will help us, he can immediately contribute to us and help us compete for the championship.

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