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Zhan Huang Taco trademark application was rejected because the term is a popular term

On the 1st of this month, Geben once said on Twitter that LeBron James’ LBJ Trademark Co., Ltd. applied for a trademark for Taco Tuesday. James wants to advertise and market in the name of Taco Tuesday, and James intends to launch a podcast in the name of Taco.

Taco Tuesday means “Mexican Burrito Tuesday.” In many cities in the United States, Mexican burritos Tuesday is a custom where people go out to eat burritos on Tuesday night or, in some cases, choose Mexican food. On that day, the restaurant usually has some activities, which vary in terms of offers, meal times and special offers.

James has always liked to eat this kind of food, and his wife and children also like it. Every Tuesday, local time, James will go to eat burritos with his family. He also often plays videos and photos on social media. Once, he also invited Anthony Davis. In the video, James often shouts out “Taco Tuesday!” and then there is a strange and enchanting laughter.

LeBron’s application for trademarks has been criticized by critics including Los Angeles natives. According to a previous report, one critics said it was a “national language,” while another said that “Taco Tuesday” had already become a household name in Los Angeles before James joined the Lakers.

In addition, a Mexican restaurant in Illinois recently protested against James’ trademark application. Interestingly, the name of the protest company is Taco Tuesday, Inc.

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