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The US team left three major revelations. US media: FIBA hurt the World Cup

Before the start of the basketball World Cup, the United States team’s big-name stars have withdrawn, leaving a star-studded team, but even so, many outsiders still believe that the US team is the World Cup’s winning bid. Even with such an “unorthodox” team, they can get a gold medal.

Then, on Wednesday and the French team’s quarter-finals, the Americans’ dream of winning the championship was ruthlessly crushed, and the US team lost to the French team at 79:89 and missed the semi-finals. This time, the US domestic media frying pan. Using NBC’s report to describe: “Basketball is a movement invented in the United States. We have ruled for so long, and any change is shocking.
However, the loss of the US team has become a reality, the US media have to admit that the US team lost to the better performing French team. “This is not a disaster. It is not awkward. We are not without effort. This is just a signal that the pattern of world basketball is changing,” NBC wrote. The article said that the US team went out and left three major revelations.

Revelation 1: There is a genius to win

In fact, the NBA has confirmed this point. The experience of the US team has once again proved the fact that the gap between the top ten players in the world and other players is huge. If they don’t go, it’s hard to win. Contest.

The US team did not send the best players to play the World Cup, because the top stars chose to stay at home, so they could not win. The French team can win because their players are better.
I can’t say that the stars like Harden, Curry, Leonard, and Lillard are coming, and the US team can win. But the problem exposed by the US team is that when struggling to score, there are no key figures like Harden or Leonard. Kemba Walker is an All-Star, but he is not a player who can change the game. He played only 9 shots in the game against France. Mitchell is expected to grow into a super giant in the future, but he is still 22 years old. Too young, the key fourth quarter he did not score.

Genius may not be all, like the letter brother can not lead the Greek team to achieve good results, but the US team sent the B team, perhaps just a C team, which is obviously not enough.

Revelation 2: The gap between the United States and the world is shrinking

This is not in 1992, the opponents are asking for signatures from members of the Dream Team after the game; this is not in 2008, when a talented American team began a redemption journey, allowing Americans to re-rule the sport.

Now in 2019, the gap between the United States and the world is shrinking. This is a reality that must be faced. The space for the US team to make mistakes is getting smaller and smaller, especially if they don’t bring the best players.

NBC Sports recently made a special topic titled “Top 50 Players in Five Years”. Three of the top five players are not from the United States (Adetokounmpo, Jokic, East Cicchi). Of course, the basketball foundation in the United States is still the deepest, but the gap between the world and them is shrinking.

If the best players in the US team still don’t value the World Cup in the future, then the situation of losing will continue to happen.

Revelation 3: The World Cup is not comparable to the Olympics

FIBA has always had a dream. They hope that the basketball World Cup will develop the same kind of events as the football World Cup, thus earning huge amounts of money. For this reason, they have done a lot of work, but obviously, the effect is very poor.
For American players, the Olympics is the highest level of international competition in their eyes. It is foreseeable that the US team that has won the Olympic tickets will see more top stars appear on the list next year. Because in the eyes of the US team, the Olympics is a higher stage, a bigger market platform, and a higher reputation. That is the gold medal that American players want. Therefore, in the United States, everyone does not really value the World Cup until they lose the game.

But obviously, FIBA ​​is not a cold for the Olympics (because the IOC is not the FIBA), they are even trying to get the Olympics to cut off the 5V5 basketball.

The FIBA ​​has made a series of moves to enhance the influence of the basketball World Cup, but the effect is counterproductive. First, they changed the time of the World Cup, from 2018 to 2019 (to avoid the FIFA Football World Cup). However, this change has led to the withdrawal of many players.

On behalf of the national team to the World Cup, it must take 5-6 weeks. For NBA players in the intermission period, they hope to use this precious time to rest and adjust and share the family with their families. Of course, if they sacrifice for the country every other year, they can still accept it. But when FIFA changed the time, NBA players may have to go abroad for two consecutive years, which is obviously unacceptable to them.

Another move by FIBA ​​also affected the influence of the World Cup. The World Cup qualifying time coincided with the major leagues. During the league, each league will not play players to play the World Cup, the NBA will not, many European leagues will not. Therefore, the direct consequence of this is that the best players can’t play qualifiers, so the team that is promoted is not the strongest. The ticket for the US team was won by Van Gundy with a team of G-League players. Slovenia, a European basketball powerhouse, has not even qualified for promotion.
FIBA is a rather chaotic organization. Their greed and power desire hurt the World Cup and directly affected the performance of the US team on the court.

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