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What should the US men’s basketball team do in 2020? US media: sent a set of ultra-luxury lineup

The United States lost to France in the quarter-finals of the basketball World Cup 79-89, missed the semi-finals. Everyone knows that this American men’s basketball team is the weakest lineup in more than a decade. Everyone knows that this team does not have stars like Kobe, LeBron, Durant, Curry, Harden and Irving.

When faced with the top defenses on the international arena, they score difficult. When the best players on the court do not wear American uniforms, it will be a daunting task to support the game through defense. Losing to France is not shocking, and we have foreseen that such things will happen since July.

During the group stage, the American men’s basketball team’s offense was relatively balanced. Perhaps you have realized it, yes, the team led by Popovich really needs a star to stand up and dominate the game.

The American men’s basketball team needs to figure out what to do next. They have already qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics, which is always able to attract bigger American stars than the Basketball World Cup. By then, we are likely to discuss the performance of several MVP players. Perhaps this is the most critical place – to send a super-luxury lineup, or at least close to this level, rather than thinking about how to put all the players together.

However, it is important to remember that in the past three Olympic Games, the three American teams with these All-Star players still have to work hard in the face of those international opponents. Those international players are not as talented as NBA stars, but they have to be much more united.

At that time, the American men’s basketball team needs to be fully committed to play a more stable offensive and defensive on the court to deal with the opponent’s pick-and-roll offense and off the ball. If you can’t do it, then a failure like this will happen again.

For 16 years, people have always believed that the American men’s basketball team is unique. This defeat shows that if the relevant personnel do not take it seriously, then the American men’s basketball team is not invincible.

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