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Prince Star: The US team, next year “Avenger 2.0”?

The US men’s basketball team lost to France 79-89 and missed the top 4 of the 2019 China Basketball World Cup. This time the loss was the 1992 team, the United States men’s basketball team lost the seventh time.

Asia does not seem to be their blessing – although they completed their self-salvation in 2008, the 2006 World Championships in Japan lost 95-101 to Greece, which was their last loss.

Distressed Popovich, whether as a head coach or an assistant coach, did not win the championship in the three world competitions.

Of course, although no one will put the responsibility on the head of the old man – the clever woman is difficult to be without the rice, Bobo is no exception. However, this is a US team composed of all NBA players. The top four have not entered. On the one hand, it is true that the international basketball level, especially the European basketball level, is really high. In addition, this American team is indeed competitive. not enough.

Let’s take a look at the worst record of the US team in the World Cup (World Championships). In 2002, Reggie Miller, Pierce and O’Neal led the “Five Teams” to be defeated by the former Yugoslavia 81-78. Outside the strong gate, the qualifying lost to the 75-81 Spanish team, and only won the sixth place.
This is the worst result of the “Dream Team” participating in the international competition.

In the program, Teacher Su also said that in fact, after the great “Dream One” and “Dream II”, the name of the dream team should not be used again. After all, the United States does not call it that way. But it is because of the dominance of the US team in the international arena, it seems to have become a convention for our translation.

After all, before losing to France today, even Kobe’s famous saying “Don’t think it’s stable”, but their last loss in the international competition will go back to September 1, 2006, 4,758 days ago.
I started school that day, high school.

Of course, if we look a little longer, this may not be a bad thing.

I believe many of my friends know the origin of the dream team. In 1988, Seoul (now Seoul) Olympic Games, the American men’s basketball team did not win the men’s basketball gold medal. In 1989, the FIBA ​​changed the rules, allowing professional players to participate in international basketball. Event. This led the American Basketball Association to decide to form a national team with NBA professional players as members to show the top voice of the United States in the world of basketball. Therefore, in 1992, the American Basketball Association immediately found the most outstanding player of the Qimei professional league team at that time, and formed the best basketball team in the history.
If there is no defeat in 1988, how can there be 1992?

Including the American men’s basketball team that participated in the Beijing Olympics, which is called “Dream Eight” or “Redemption Team 1.0”, it’s also because they lost in 2002, 2004 and 2006 – the US media said in 2006’s loss. Because we didn’t bring Kobe.”

So in 2008 Kobe came.
So, this time they lost again in the World Cup in Asia (World Championships), so next year’s Olympics?

Because there are only two American teams in the top eight in the United States and Argentina, the United States has successfully obtained the qualification for direct access to the Tokyo Olympics next year – hate + 2019 years before 2006, do you want to count together?

The first thing to be sure is that next year’s US team will definitely have better players to participate, and the most important thing for everyone is whether James will come.

I have to admit that James and Bobo may not be mentoring in the NBA, but the two always seem to maintain a subtle tacit understanding (of course, may also be back-to-back in the finals), James also said that playing under the waver should be very wonderful.

So if 2020 join his team?
Of course, there are people in this team who should stay. For example, in the face of France, Mitchell, who almost turned his own situation, 29 points this night, I believe he will get a next year to go to Japan. Ticket.
However, in the face of reporters’ questions, “How do you see a lot of NBA stars do not represent the US team in the World Cup, but there are a lot of players playing in the NBA on behalf of the French team.” I very much recognize Popovich said in the post-match press conference “I I feel that mentioning this issue at the press conference does not respect us, nor does it respect France. France is defeating us. I am very proud of our players. They have not played together. They sacrificed their rest time for the country. In the battle, they are worthy of praise. It is not that the best players in the United States have not come. These are the players who represent the United States. They also played very well and I am very proud.”

Because this is not contradictory, I believe that the United States will have a more terrible, more talented and hungry next year to prove itself, the “Redemption Team 2.0” – maybe even with Zion, after all, bringing a young man is also a dream The tradition of the team.
So if LeBron sends an air relay to Zion next year, don’t be too surprised.

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