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I know how to cherish

Talented, talented and talented, learning Fu five cars, etc., with a “han” word can be expressed to the fullest.

In the snow, charity, helpfulness, dedication, etc., can also be expressed with a “pre”.

Parents always want their daughters to be fine, and my parents are not listed, so they named me “Xiao Hanyu.”

I really like this name. Because this name contains the love and hope of my parents, as for its origin, it is also moving. My parents had racked their brains for my name. Originally, my parents named me “Xiao Qing”, but after a year, my parents thought that my name is not of much value to the world, so my parents are ready to change my name. But what is the name? This is an important issue. They always want me to become a talented girl when I grow up, so my mother gave me a very meaningful and nice name – “Shaw

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