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This thing really makes me happy.

On the afternoon of Saturday, I sat down in the classroom of the interest class. After class, I saw the teacher smile and walked in and said: “Today we will have a balloon contest.” After the teacher took out a colorful balloon from his pocket, Give it to everyone.

The game started, everyone was in accordance with the two-person group, whoever blew the big one would win. First of all, Wang Hong and Li Gang performed pk. I saw Wang Hong’s face rising red, the balloon was blown big and round, and Li Gang’s brows made him suck up, and accidentally blown up the balloon. They were shocked and finally Wang Hong won. It’s my turn to play with Li Ming. I gently bite the balloon mouth with my teeth. I take a deep breath and blow it in. I just blow it back and forth, and gradually my balloon becomes a Big watermelon, then look at Li Ming’s balloon has also become a football, and finally we tied, we both laughed.

This is really a happy afternoon.

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