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Buying things for the first time

“Hey, hey, hey,” Xiao Ming came to Fengbai Stationery to buy things. As soon as he entered the door, Xiao Ming saw a variety of stationery items, dazzling and dazzling.

“Children, hello” Auntie warmly greeted Xiao Ming and said, “What do you want to buy?” Xiao Ming thought for a moment and said to the aunt: “Auntie, I want to buy a box of watercolor pens.”

“We have a lot of watercolor pens here, there are thirty-six colors, twenty-four colors, and twelve colors. Which one do you want?” Auntie said with enthusiasm.

“I want this, the third in the second row, thirty-six colors.” Xiao Ming replied.

“Children, your eyes are really good, this is the watercolor pen we are doing promotion now, thirty-six colors as long as 30 yuan, you see is not very cheap.” Aunt said.

“Auntie, you see that I am a new customer. I will still buy something from you next time. Can it be cheaper?” Xiao Ming whispered cautiously and said it was hard to say.

Auntu gave a mouth and reluctantly said, “Okay, let’s open a price.”

“Twenty-eight yuan is OK? Auntie is warm and thoughtful, people are so good.” Xiao Ming said carefully.

“Your little mouth is really sweet, so okay! Come back next time!” Auntie said refreshingly.

On the way home, Xiao Ming thought that it was not difficult to buy things. After this experience, I can do it myself.

“” The next customer entered the Fengbai Stationery Store…

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