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Summer vacation impression


In the summer vacation, in addition to studying every day, I also participated in hard pen and drum words, as well as my favorite summer camp activities, this summer has been very fulfilling.

Going out to study activities will inevitably lead to all kinds of drying, especially this time I go to Yongjia Summer Camp every day to walk, and make me tan, become the darkest person in our family! Only the place where I have clothes is a little whiter, and there is no sun on the inside of the arm. In other places, it seems that the whole person is not black, like a little brown bear wearing clothes.


I finally hoped for the summer vacation. I thought I could sleep for a month in a month. As a result, I participated in the Wenzhou Quyi Competition, which took up most of my summer vacation. The first thing to get up every day is to practice the piano. After breakfast, I haven’t eaten it. I was mad at my mother’s urging of the drums. The brain is full of words – the piano! I really hope that this game will end soon, or I will be mad.

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