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My mother

My mother is very caring and considerate to her family.

My mother is in her thirties, she is tall, her hair is bent, and her big eyes are very beautiful under her thick eyebrows.

One day, my grandmother came, my mother asked me to buy fruit and lick my grandmother’s teeth, don’t buy hard fruit. I bought a watermelon and a lot of soft and moderate peaches. When I got home, my mother had prepared a sumptuous dinner for us. These meals were grandmother and I loved it. We ate with relish, and my mother looked at our face with a sweet smile.

After dinner, my mother took me and my grandmother to the park to bend. As we walked and talked, my mother told me a lot about health. When I arrived at the park, my mother took my grandmother to dance in the square. I watched my grandmother integrate into the new group and my mother was happy. When my mother was resting, she told me to be filial and respect the old man. Looking at my mother, I am also in the heart.

This is my mother – a good mother who cares for the elderly and pays attention to the healthy growth of the child.

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