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My deskmate class

Do you know what my desk looks like? Don’t worry, you will know when you finish listening.

He was skinny and his face was small. On the black face, there were two bright “black grapes”. He had a shiny hair. Under the sunlight, it was Into a bright and bright black “Bird’s Nest”. His eyebrows are bent like a crescent, and there is a ripple under the oblique ear of his left ear.

He likes to wear a T-shirt, so that he looks so handsome!

He is very timid. Whenever I will tell you about the expensive story, he is very cute. He is also very cute. He likes to sell Meng. He often squats and puts his hands on his face. He looks at his cute and cute look. I always I can’t breathe out with a smile. He likes to play computer very much. Every time he sits in front of the computer, he will look at the keyboard with an impatient eye, for fear that others will take it away. In the end, he still can’t help but touch the keyboard.

Hey, this is my same table. He is very cute. Do you want to know him?

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