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Small goldfish sleeping

One day, I walked into the balcony with a leisurely step at home. I glanced at the little goldfish in the big fish pond on the balcony. Suddenly, I found a red goldfish squinting on the bottom pebbles and motionless. I thought strangely: Hey, how does this little goldfish move, is it dead?

So, I decided to test it out. I crept to the big fish pond and kicked my right foot. I only heard the sound of “咚”, the little goldfish jumped up in lightning and went to the shallow surface of the water. In a short while, it was like nothing happened, swimming around without any worries. I suddenly realized: the goldfish was sleeping now! It turned out that the goldfish was sleeping with his eyes open, and I saw it for the first time.

Through this inquiry, let me know that the goldfish has no eyelids. If the small goldfish sink to the bottom of the water, they can’t move and their eyes are wide, which confirms that they are sleeping.

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