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Last Sunday, my brother and I went to the countryside to pick oranges.

As soon as I got to the country and got out of the car, I went to the house to find scissors and baskets and set off to pick oranges.

We entered the orange garden, and one big, round orange appeared in front of my eyes. Some of them are two or three long together, heavy, and the branches are bent; some are hanging on tall branches like a yellow lantern; others are not mature, small, Green, shyly hiding behind the green leaves. I can’t wait to take the scissors out and cut the oranges. Hey, hey…, after a while, my basket is full.

I saw this big, round orange, I couldn’t help but want to eat one. I picked up an orange and smelled it. It had a faint scent, peeled off the skin and tasted it. It was sour and sweet, full of juice, it was delicious.

There are many chickens and ducks in the orange garden, and I sometimes tease them. I couldn’t help but laugh when I watched them panicking around.

I think it is really interesting to pick oranges in the countryside.

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