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My closest person

Grandma, my closest person!

Call me to remember, my closest person is grandma! Many people will ask me why I am not a mom and dad, because I have been the most with my grandmother since I was a child, so my grandmother is my closest person!

My grandmother is a little old lady who is less than 1.60 years old. Her black hair is extraordinarily spirited. There is a “three” on her grandmother’s forehead. The three wrinkles are deeply engraved on her grandma’s forehead. Just like being in the same place, every time Grandma looks up or looks up at people, it will be extraordinarily deep. Don’t look at my grandmother’s small size, but I don’t lose it to anyone. My grandmother used to be a good player before going to the production team. People called her a “small drill bit”, which means that her grandmother usually does her work. Like a drill, it can’t be finished, and it has been rated as “model worker” many times.

Grandma is very fond of me, no matter what I ask for, my grandmother will promise me. I remember once, the school classmates all have a new ballpoint pen. I like it too, but I don’t dare to talk directly to my mom and dad, so I found my grandmother. When my grandmother knows my mind, I will give me a corner. Money, let me buy, I am excited to hold the money and ran to the store to buy a ballpoint pen exactly like my classmates.

From many small things, I can see that my grandmother loves me very much and loves me very much. Therefore, in my heart, my grandmother is my closest person!

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