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Small river in hometown

There is a crystal clear river in my hometown.

In spring, the ice in the creek melted and everything recovered. The grass slowly poked its head out of the soil, and the tree also grew new sprouts. The flowers bloomed and competed. The birds stood on the branches and sang beautiful songs. The river was accompanied by the music of the birds. I sing and sing, how much happiness the river brings to playing everything!

In summer, the river is crystal clear and the summer is hot. The sun hangs high in the sky, knowing the heat and knowing how to call. I came to the bank of the river. A frog stood by the river and screamed. As soon as I saw it, I walked carefully to it, slowly reaching out, just trying to catch it, and I slammed, and the frog jumped into it. In the creek, wandering, the silver ripples rippled on the water.

In the autumn, the river is full of leaves and the fruit is full of fruits. The big trees on the edge of the river are full of fruits, apples, pears, peaches, persimmons… the smell of fruit is everywhere. There was a golden field in the field, a sorghum red cheek, a tall smile on the golden face, and a burst of sound from the pods.

In winter, the water in the creek is frozen and the snow flutters. The children ran out of the house, some children were playing snowballs, some children were making snowmen, and some children were skating on the frozen water… The children had a great time.

This is the small river in my hometown, which can bring us a happy river all year round.

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