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Friday, May 3

I have raised silkworms.

Teacher Zhou gave me five silkworms. I saw the silkworms crawling up and down there. I felt very sick, but slowly, I don’t think they are disgusting.

Two of them are white and three are black. I feed the mulberry leaves every day to eat them. After a few days, they grew up, touched by hand, soft. They climb very slowly, but when they don’t climb, they like to lift their heads.

When will the silkworm baby spit?

Wednesday, May 8th

Silkworm baby grows up

My silkworm baby has grown up in recent days.

When I went to feed the mulberry leaves today, I found that my big white silkworm head was not smooth. It always crawled and climbed, not eating mulberry leaves. The small white silkworm is also thinking about the problem. Two of the three black silkworms are eating mulberry leaves, they eat very fragrant, and one also pulls a scorpion, black and small. There is another one I found under the leaves, as if I was playing hide and seek with me.

Monday, May 13 rain

Silkworm baby is dead

My big white silkworm and small white silkworm are dead.

When the mother changed the mulberry leaves in the morning, she saw that the silkworm baby had died. She told me to look at it. I think the silkworms are not dead. They are sleeping there.

Going home from school, as soon as I put down my schoolbag, I immediately ran over to see the silkworm. The silkworms are sideways, still motionless, I touched them gently, they did not move. Silkworm baby is really dead! I am a little sad.

I hope that the remaining three can grow up successfully, become silky and become moths.

Monday, May 20

Silkworm baby is silky

This morning, when I got up and changed the mulberry leaves for the silkworms, I saw that there was only one silkworm baby, and one died, hehe. There is another one who doesn’t know where to hide. I opened the leaves, no. I opened the edge of the box and saw that the silkworm was spinning there!

The silk it spits out was yellow, thin and soft, and I saw it moving inside!

When I came back from school, I saw that it was golden yellow! It is oval and thick, and I can’t see the silkworm inside.

Saturday, May 25th rain

Another silkworm baby is spinning

This morning, I saw the silkworm baby spit golden golden, sparkling silk on the leaves, while the silkworm baby climbed to the wall of the box.

The silkworm baby is in a thin layer of silk, shaking his head and spinning his head, as if dancing.

At noon, it spit more and more.

At night, its silk has already spit out. It doesn’t move inside, it seems to be sleeping.

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