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Grocery shopping

On the morning of the clear sky today, I went to the vegetable market with my mother to buy food.

I had a big morning with my mother. After washing, eating breakfast, and grandma went to Good Morning, I rode my bicycle together and rushed to the market when the sun had not started to “hot”. Rarely so early, the mountain breeze, very cool, small flowers and grass still hang on the jewel-like dew. Then squint and look at the misty scenery in the distant fog. At the gate of a vegetable market, I was dazzled, and all kinds of vegetables were sold everywhere. Of course, it is very fresh for me to be a child to the vegetable market for the first time. I am particularly excited, left to look, right to look at, pull the mother, how to swear is not enough, hate not many long eyes. I looked at my mother and asked for a good price. I said that the food was good, and the basket was full and I had a lot of harvest. Going out of the market, the sun is hanging high, and unfortunately, my car chain is gone! And when I hang up and fall down again, hey, no way, I have to push the car back. The scenery on the road has changed a bit, and the name of “knowing it” is called. After just walking for a while, my stomach screamed. I took out the big buns that my grandmother had done in the morning. After all, “the people are eating for the sky.” The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the mountain trails seem to never go too far. The sweat dripped. I suggested to my mother that she was riding a car and I was running behind, getting home early. Mother shook her head again and again, saying that I was tired. I asked my mother, I really wanted to go home and take a cold shower. I couldn’t stand my soft and hard foam, and my mother finally agreed. Along the way, my mother turned to look at me from time to time, and asked me if I was tired. I shook my head and my mother stopped talking.

When I got home, this time I bought food, not only did I have a long experience, but I also understood that persistence is the truth of victory.

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