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Helping others

One day, I was on my way to school. The sun was shining and the air was fresh. I was very happy to walk, but suddenly saw a familiar back in front. I quickly stepped forward and it turned out to be Ma Xun.

I saw him lying on the ground and said, “Ma Xun, what happened to you?”

Ma Xun’s eyes were red, and he pointed to his leg. It turned out that he had fallen and slammed a little blood on his leg. My heart is very flustered, how can this be good? I asked him if he could go, he said he could not go. I have no other way, so I have to make that move.

An aunt came on the road, I stopped her way and said, “Hello, aunt. Can I use your phone to use it? My friend wrestled.”

The aunt said nothing, hand me the phone. I called my mother by phone, and my mother told the news to Ma Xun’s mother. The two of them came together. Later, Ma Xun did not go to school. He went to the hospital for examination.

But when I finished all this and rushed back to school, the first lesson had already begun. The teacher asked me why, I said this: “Teacher, because Ma Xun wrestled, I was late to help him.”

Originally, I thought I would definitely accept the late punishment, but the teacher listened to me and decided to let me go this time. The teacher said that I was late because I was helping others. This spirit of self-sacrifice is commendable.

I am very happy in my heart. I have helped others and have been praised by teachers. It is the best of both worlds. If this happens next time, I will definitely do the same. Help others and be happy, why not?

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