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In fact, one thing in my heart is particularly embarrassing. I always wanted to get rid of this embarrassment, but I still have this kind of sorry attitude.

My neighbor Ma Xun, I believe you should know. Once I was playing at his house. He was particularly pleased to come up with a small toy. He said that the toy was bought by his mother. I was very curious, I looked at it. Unexpectedly, this is the toy that I am thinking of. In fact, I have long wanted to buy it, but the money has not been enough. Seeing that I like it so much, Ma Xun will borrow the toy for a few days. I am happy and I will be sure to return it intact after three days.

However, I was negligent and accidentally hit the toy on the corner of the table. The toy was broken up by me, and I was particularly scared. How to do? How to make a difference to Ma Xun? I was very scared in my heart and decided to tell Ma Xun about it. However, Ma Xun did not blame me. He just said that it doesn’t matter, just buy it again next time. But I always wanted to say sorry to him, but I never dared to speak.

After that, I do housework at home, and my mother will reward me with pocket money. I picked it up at the corner. Finally I saved 5 yuan, I hold the paper money and bought a identical toy. I will give this toy to Ma Xun. I finally said “I’m sorry” to him, and he forgave me. We are still the original good friend who has nothing to say.

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