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One summer vacation, my mother and I went to the grandmother’s house in the country to play, in fact, to visit the grandmother. It was my first time to visit my grandmother’s house. My grandmother’s family was mysterious, at least I felt so.

Grandma’s family has many small animals, including chickens, ducks, geese, and fierce big dogs. Every time the big yellow dog saw me, he would be loud to me. I was scared to cry at the time. Mom and grandmother comforted me. This matter has left a huge shadow for me.

Not only that, but I also did a more stupid thing at the time, which was to peel the eggs. I was very curious about eggs, thinking about how eggs hatch chicks? Later, I decided to explore this secret, I wanted to peel the eggs and witness the birth of the chicken. I carefully took out the eggs from the chicken coop and forced a few more cracks in the egg shell. I peeled the shell along the crack and peeled the egg shell in a few moments. But what was shown to me was a sticky, unclear object. Is this a chicken? I am puzzled inside. At this moment, the hen came back. When he saw me and the eggshell in my hand, he rushed over and licked my hand. I cried and went to find my mother.

Later, I realized that the chickens can only be stocked if they have broken their own shells. I do that, not only will not help the chicken, but also harm it. I feel embarrassed, but I understand the truth: things are never as simple as what you look at.

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