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Park trip

Today, I went to the park with my mother. The park is called the Mangrove Park, which has many green facilities, trees, and sea-walking roads.

My mother and I came in the afternoon. At that time, there were a lot of people, and they were quite dry. The mangrove park is near the sea and there are many stones on the shore. Because we went in the afternoon, the sea began to rise. The sea surged into the shore and slammed on the piles of stones on the shore.

There are many people looking for cockroaches in the cracks of the stones, as if they are looking for something. I am very curious. At first glance, those people are catching crabs. The kind of crab is very small, worn and worn in the cracks of the stone. If it’s not a quick eye, it’s really not something that can be caught.

Walking all the way, I feel that I have never been able to go. The sea stack road is too long, but there are many people, and everyone basically gathers in this place. I stood on the plank road and watched from a distance. I saw a cruise ship on the sea, and there were a few black spots behind the cruise ship. Maybe it was a seagull.

We walked away and came to the green trail, and the bright grass was popping up from time to time. Not only that, but there are also many big trees, and there are some green fruits on the trees. I picked one by hand and the fruit was hard to touch, but I didn’t dare to eat it.

Then I went home with my mother. This trip is really very fun. I have met many things that I have never seen before. It is really an eye-opener!

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