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An interesting language lesson

My favorite subject is the language. I have a language class every day. Our language teacher is Teacher Wang. She is very gentle to us and never yells.

Once, the teacher asked us to go home with the same fruit to the school and do an activity. I took an apple from the refrigerator and took it to school. Some of the other students brought pears, some with bananas, some with grapes, some with peaches… I thought they were brought with them, but not. The teacher told us: “A lot of things will have different effects from different angles.” She brought a carambola and showed us from different directions. Viewed from the front, the carambola is oval, and from the side, the carambola is a pentagram. It turns out that everyone understands what the teacher wants to say.

I also took out the apple with the surface, the surface is red, and the cut is white. The surface of the banana is yellow and white after peeling. Many fruits have different colors.

After that, the teacher said not to waste these fruits. So we all ate all the fruit we brought. In addition to my own apple, I also ate other fruits. The best thing to eat is bananas, which are soft and sweet in the mouth, so delicious.

This language class is really fun, I like language most!

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